Twin Flames & Past Lives: What You Need To Know

The true nature of the twin-flame connections still remains buried in the darkest and deepest chambers of the Universe’s own mysticism.

However, humans tried to solve the mystery behind this strong spiritual connection and define it as well as possible.

The twin flame connection as a concept represents a unique energy that manifested as a human soul, divided since the beginning of time.

The two parts of this ‘soul’ reunite over and over again through different dimensions, world and realities in this universe and beyond.

The twin flames are known for their empathic and even telepathic abilities, their first meeting (the reuniting for the first time in that certain life and dimension) is always strong and results in powerful energy shifts in that spot and, also, a strong emotional outburst of the two twin flames.

They have spent multiple lives in numerous spiritual dimensions. That is why when two twin flames encounter each other in the material realm.

Now, we will try to explain the ‘past life’ concept when it comes to twin flames and their specific bonding. Some people say that the reuniting of the twin flames is synchronicity or coincidence.

It is not a coincidence, that is a sure thing, but it seems that the reuniting of the twin flames happens for a reason.

Be aware that those ‘past lives’ may be also different(past) dimension or completely different reality, beyond the understanding and intellectual & spiritual capacity of the average human being.

Twin flames will always find a way in that level of existence to find their other half. Be aware that not always the twin flame bonding may not result in a lifetime long relationship, marriage or so.

Twin flames need to always find the strength to show the world that they are stronger and they have faith in themselves.

Anyway, the emotional bonding is extremely strong. Those ‘past lives’ have a lot to do with it. Twin flames may have same ’emotional memories’ from their previous reunions.

This makes it harder for them to understand and define what exactly is going on with them and their partners. Often, the twin flame reunion is called ‘love on a first sight’.

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