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Exploring The Gorges & Tops Of The Twin Flame Journey

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by Conscious Reminder

The pyramid is wide at its bottom and narrow at its top. When a person is a younger soul, he or she may think of himself or herself to be more at its bottom, turning this or other worlds into their own personal playground. 

They have enough room to wander, and the purpose is learning and also experiencing being a soul.

Ascending through the various lifetimes, a person will climb up that pyramid, and the path will also narrow, the Higher Sense starts leading his or her path in a better-directed way, so they will have the experience needed for ascending to the higher levels.

Connecting with their twin flames and starting the sacred union process, a person travels a great deal of space and territory, and he or she becomes a well-educated  and experienced soul, coming to the highest point of this pyramid.

Meeting, as well as activating this process, the person will be prepared to ascend. He or she will start the ending process and last lessons. The process occurs quickly and intensely.

In order to continue his or her journey, a person has to transmute every flaw, bad habit, old wound or fear. Also, all of his or her darkness has to be removed and cleared.

Here, when close to the highest point of this pyramid, at a time when the union will be fully activated, a person is going to meet his or her last challenges, which are the most profound chasms of their shadow which they left for ultimate.

They also met their ‘ring pass not’ which are the tasks which have to be done prior to reaching the top of the pyramid and ascending with the twin flames.

A person should think of that like a must-do list which includes visiting his or her dentist, but he or she don’t really want to visit him, as it is their most terrible fear. So, they are going to do everything on that list, such as pay their bills, walk their dog, or some unpleasant task, but they will avoid the one which they are afraid of until they cannot avoid it anymore. A toothache cannot be disregarded or ignored.

Ascending to the twin flame, the person will finally visit his or her dentist. A lot of people healed, as well as transmuted a good deal – they dealt with a lot of aspects of beings, and they ascended on higher levels. However, there will still be those ‘dentist’ spots which they avoid as of being full of fear and pain.

People often believe that such places have to be avoided, but they are actually the key which permits them to go out, as well as stabilize at a greater level. Once again, they have to handle themselves there. Not being able or not knowing to control themselves and also their twin flame is probably the principal reason why a lot of twin flames often fall apart when they come to this level.

They can see that in their partner but not in themselves. They can judge or blame them without realizing they are avoiding their own.

Here, we talk about an embodied and also profound sacred union with the twin flame, which goes all along that sacred mystery which last until they are at different levels together.

This is their work, and also a task on learning, as well as mastering the way to ascend or descend those heights, during the process of union, in order to reach the top of this pyramid.

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