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12-Step Ritual For The Cancer Full Moon Of 2018: Sending Off The Old, Welcoming The New

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by Conscious Reminder

The 22nd of December brings with it the Cancer Full Moon. It’s a new beginning. There is a special significance – this is the last Cancer Moon before a series of Eclipses of Cancer.

It’s special – it’s a portal that is pulling us into the later years. You need to perform a cleansing ritual – get rid of the past and be prepared to accept the new. Welcome it. The ritual should be performed anywhere between the 20th – 31st of December 2018 for best results.


  • Water
  • Tools to smudge, your choice
  • A favorite essential oil
  • Bowl
  • A piece of amethyst or clear quartz
  • Two candles

What you need to do

1. Getting your favorite essential oil

Start the ritual by choosing your favorite essential oil. Don’t be completely conscious about what you do. Let your instincts take charge and choose your favorite oil. It indicates new beginnings – let your soul guide you there.

2. Smudging the area

You need to smudge your environment, your location to perform the ritual, and the ingredients to be used. Choose your own smudging tool and begin while chanting this mantra:

‘I cleanse the energies from my body that are weighing me down. I cleanse my body from all the emotions that no longer serve me a greater purpose. I cleanse my body physically from the aches, stiffness, and blocks that does not make me healthy. I am becoming purer and whole with pure energy. I’m becoming clear with my positive emotions. I’m reaching my truest state of health without any bodily problems. Cleansing is making me complete. I’m now cleansed through and through. Thank you.’

3. Preparing the items

Fill the bowl with water. Place the bowl between two candles and then, light them up.

4. Relaxing

Take the crystal in your hand and hold onto it. Take deep breaths. This is your moment – relax before jumping into it. Settle down. Recharge. Calm your mind and heart.

5. Visualize

As you hold onto the crystal, keep your eyes closed and visualize the energy that has been within you all this while. See the energy as it is – the bad, the good and the feelings in between. Feel it all coming together, clumping into a green ball before you. Let it grow. Let all your stresses and joys, sorrows and laughs, join together into a large ball.

6.  Letting it go

As soon as you realize that the green ball has become a giant, and contains all the energies of the year, let it go. Take in a deep breath and breathe out on the crystal. Be loud and clear. Imagine that the green ball is moving out of you through your breath. Keep exhaling until you can feel the giant green ball has cleared.

7. Repeat your affirmation

Pick up the bowl containing water and swirl it with your finger – counter-clockwise. Put the crystal in water and chant your choice of affirmation:

‘Here, I let go of all the energy that I had collected in 2018. I am thankful for what it had taught me, I’m thankful for how much I have grown during this time. I cherish the lessons, I treasure the failures. I respect and love all the wonderful people I have met, all the lives I have affected. I celebrate my triumphs and I respect my failures for they have made me stronger. I thank the Cosmos for it.’

8. Be Grateful

Think of five things you are grateful for this year. Reflect upon them, feel them and celebrate all of them. You have learned a lot, achieved a lot – enjoy it.

9. Be Open to the New

Put a few drops of your chosen essential oils in the water. Swirl it clockwise. Chant the following – compose your own if you want:

“I’m now ready for the new. I have an open mind and would welcome the coming year, the new beginning, the fresh start. There are new lessons waiting for me. There are new adventures and new people waiting for me in 2019. I’m ready for them. I’m ready for 2019. It will be mine.”

10. Strengthen your heart and third eye

Dip your finger in the water and apply it on your third eye and over the heart center. Feel it as the water seals your intentions.

11. Concluding the ritual

Conclude with a prayer. This is your personal prayer – say it from within. Thank your angels and your well-wishers. Thank the Cosmos for helping you grow. Respect your strengths, recall what you learned over the year and rejoice in it. Add a wish if you want. Let this be a prayer for you.

12. Treatment of ingredients afterwards

Extinguish the burning candles. If you want, you can put the bowl of water including the crystal in it under the bright light emitted by the full moon. It will charge itself though, as amethyst and quartz are self-cleaning crystals that can be used again for later rituals. You can dab this water the following morning over your heart center and on your third eye. If you don’t want to, you can dispose it off too – in your bathroom or in the garden.

2019 brings all sorts of surprises. Be prepared for it, don’t remain held back by the past. You need all the pure strength in you – make it happen with this ritual.

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