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5 Signs You May Have A Spiritual Gift And You Aren’t Even Aware Of It

by consciousreminder
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by Conscious Reminder

You have to be open to spiritual guidance so that you can receive it. So, welcoming more messages and signs, they are going to become more recognizable and stronger too.

Although a lot of people are able to open up and improve their intuition, there are some who already have the spiritual gift within them, and it waits for them to discover it.

These are the five indications which show that you probably have that spiritual gift we are talking about:

1. Having visions which frequently become a reality.

Frequently, the visions you have can be in the form of a picture which randomly comes on your mind, and it can also be a feeling which you have when speaking to a person. Or, it can mean that they can come in a dream that reoccurs regularly. Having visions which often become a reality, it is a visible sign indicating that you are a spiritually gifted person. You have the ability to see more profoundly than what actually meets your eyes.

2. Being an empathic person.

Empaths are people that are both cursed and gifted. They have the ability to feel people’s emotions, the ones that surround them, just like they are their feelings. This is an ability which can be quite overwhelming and sometimes confusing to manage. However, learning how to go through life while you feel the pain, as well as the happiness of other people, it is an ability which is often a sign of being a spiritually gifted person.

3. Having quite powerful intuition.

A lot of people constantly doubt in themselves. Also, they have the habit of second-guessing the decisions they made, and continuously wonder if they should believe their instincts or not. Having a powerful intuition is actually a real sign of a spiritually gifted person. Their intuition allows them to be more confident in their decisions, as well as strong in their beliefs and even open to every message they receive.

4. Having nightmares.

There are a lot of people that are having nightmares. However, spiritually gifted people have more vivid nightmares. They can wake up because of some nightmare panting or sweating as it was so real. So, when a nightmare wakes you up, it can mean that someone tries to leave you a message.

5. Waking up at the spiritual hour.

Those people that have the habit to wake up somewhere at 3 and 4 a.m. regularly, it can mean something more than a simple bathroom need. It is thought that when a person wakes up around the spiritual hour, it is a signal of spirits which are looking to establish a communication with him or her. Usually, it is called the spiritual hour or also the hour of connection. So, what a person has to do is to be open for receiving signs and messages during this time.

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