How Creative Writing Can Help You Beat Depression

by Grace Carter,
Contributing Author, Conscious Reminder

This might sound like a bold statement, but even something as simple as creative writing can have such a powerful effect when it comes to reducing the symptoms and effects of depression, and in some cases, it may even help to beat the condition entirely.

Being able to write yourself out of depression may seem far-flung and outlandish, but more and more people around the world are tuning in and realizing there may be more truth to this than meets the eye.

“I found myself in a deep depression that was getting worse and worse after being in a car accident. However, through writing, I was able to discover the therapeutic and self-reflective benefits it provides, and how this can help clear the mind for a more positive mindset,” explains Michelle Turner, a health writer for Elite Assignment Help.

Today, we’re going to explore how creative writing can help you beat depression, and what you can do to get started.

Get Yourself a Book

The first thing you’re going to want to do is to give yourself a dedicated place to write. This is going to be your safe space, and you’ll be the only person who needs to know it exists. It’s always best to write my hand because it has a more natural feel, but feel free to use a computer if you want.

However, get a plain or lined book that you’re able to write in. Try to find a cover that reflects who you are, so you enjoy using it and want to write in it.

Start with Gratitude

Start off your writing by listing things you’re grateful for in your life. This could be anything from family and friends, the food you’re eating, the roof over your head, or even something nice that happened to you that day. These can be big or small; it doesn’t matter.

Try to aim for three things every day. This is a great way to help you identify the positives that are in your life every day, and if you repeat this frequently, you’ll start to change your mindset.

Be Honest

The most important thing you’ll want to remember with your creative writing is being honest in what you say. This is vital because it can be so easy to lie to yourself or to try and avoid the truth of how you’re feeling.

Remember, your book is a place that only you have to see, and only you need to know about; it’s a safe space where you can really explore your mind, feelings, and emotions, and there’s no need to hide from yourself. The more honest you can be, the more you’ll benefit from the practice.

Mastering the Art of Creative Writing

It’s more than okay to have a go at writing yourself and doing it how you want to do it, but they’ll come a time when you’ll want to improve your skills. Not only can this help to explain yourself more clearly, but you’ll also ultimately get more benefit from writing.

Here are some online tools and services that can help;

Via Writing & Writing Populist

Use these online services as grammar resources to improve your ability to use grammar in your writing.

Paper Writing Service & Academized

These are two professional online proofreading tools that can help you highlight and correct any mistakes in your writing, as reviewed in Academized review.

State of Writing & Academadvisor

These are two writing blogs full of tips and advice to help you improve your general writing skills.

Essayroo & Big Assignments

Use these editing tools to help you structure and format your creative writing, and develop your style, as recommended by Essay Services.

My Writing Way & Let’s Go and Learn

Follow these online writing guides to help you through the writing process, especially when you’re getting started.

Set Goals

One of the biggest causes and fuels of depression is being aimless and not knowing where you’re going or what you’re doing. Use your writing space to set yourself goals, whether these are long-term goals or just goals you want to complete in a day.

Try to set 3-5 goals to aim for, and you’ll soon find your life is given far more purpose than before.

Write Daily

One of the most important things to remember here is to write daily. The benefits of creative writing come from expressing yourself and unloading your mind in a way that clears it because you’re writing every day.

This is always a great way to build a positive habit. If you can create the habit of writing every day, you can start forming better habits, you can then apply this to other areas of your life, whether that’s engaging in your social life, eating healthily, or exercising regularly.

About the Author: Grace Carter is a health writer at Coursework Help and Assignment Writing Service. She works with a team of editor and proofreaders, curates interns. Also, Grace tutors at OX Essays academic website.

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