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Possessing 4 Of These These Traits Makes You One Of The Rarest People On Earth

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by Conscious Reminder

As Carl Jung once said, people’s personalities are often represented by a general attitude: introverted – extroverted, intuitive – sensitive, perceiving – judging, as well as feeling – thinking.

Getting the four initial letters of such personalities, INFJ, you will have the rarest kind of personality that is introverted, intuitive, feeling, as well as judging. For example, in a classroom full of students, there is one of them that is continuously quiet and observes what happens.
This is actually that rarest kind. These people are not that shy, but they are introverted. However, this is not their only characteristic.

Here, we have ten personality traits that the authentic INFJ have, so read them and find out if you are one of them.

1. Focusing on significant things.

People of this rarest type always focus on significant things, as well as deal challenges confidently and easily. Also, when some things don’t happen as they were planned to, they always have new and different ways of achieving their aims.

2. They are hard workers.

A lot of people that belong to other groups are quite lazy; however, the ones from this group are hard workers. Most of the time, they give their best to make some dreams become a reality, as nothing in life comes in an easy way.

3. They believe their intuition.

Perhaps, you noticed that the letter ‘N’ in INFJ is for intuition. This means that they possess a potent intuition. So, when they actually sense that there is something terrible happening, they instantly take action. Moreover, they have the ability always to feel when something will occur in their personal life.

4. Having several real friends.

The individuals with INFJ personality carefully choose close and real friends. Most of the time, they are alone as they really enjoy solitude, and they do not really enjoy to hang out in larger groups.

5. They are natural empaths.

These people are all about feelings. Every time a person needs their help, they are always going to be there in order to help them. Moreover, they have the ability to often put themselves in the shoes of other people and also comprehend their feelings. This usually leads them to solitude, as they have to recharge the batteries.

6. Reading others easily.

As they are empaths, they also have the capacity of reading the minds of others through the emotions of those people. They easily notice when a person lies to them. This is a characteristic which helps them always to be safe when around people that have bad intentions and plans.

7. Good visionaries.

When they are in solitude, they always let the mind to wander. Because of that, they continuously have creative and new ideas which they share with friends and family.

8. Inspiring others.

As they are good visionaries, creative, as well as idealists, they also have the ability to inspire others surrounding them, particularly close friends or family members.

9. They love writing.

They love to express their creativity and thoughts, and that is their way of life. However, as they prefer solitude, they like to write and choose it as a way of expressing themselves. Writing down their thoughts and feelings makes them feel calmer and peaceful.

10. Excellent when solving problems.

They are natural at solving some problems as they can always notice the bigger, as well a brighter picture. This is an ability which helps them see what is wrong and then find some way of fixing it.

So, possessing four of the personality traits we mentioned above means that you surely belong to this group of so-called INFJ or people with a rare and unique type of personality.

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