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We Need To Learn To Love Those Different From Us, And This Is How

by consciousreminder
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by Conscious Reminder

Every one of us has THOSE PEOPLE in life. We are talking about those that have different beliefs from ours. We are talking about those people that are ‘asleep,’ judgmental, angry, inconsiderate, pessimistic, obnoxious, self-centered and so on.

They are the people who we cannot understand, or we don’t simply want to comprehend. Experiencing their energy will make us feel discomfort, disharmony and even physical stress or pain too. How can you deal with them?

You can simply start by trying to better comprehend that:

1. At the time you place a person in a group to which you feel like he or she does not belong, you separate him or her from yourself, and frequently, such illusion of being apart is the one that causes discomfort and disharmony, and not the one you put there or his or her beliefs. Hence, this means that their words or actions are not the ones that cause you discomfort, because it is your labeling of them.

2. Regardless of the difference between the beliefs of people, they always come from that same intentions and desires, and they are to be safe, loved, cared for, and also accepted. So, actions are expressions of love and they can also be a call for it, and usually, such call for love may come from some place of emptiness, disempowerment, as well as fear, a place that holds desperate disconnection and loneliness.

3. To love a person, you will first have to like him or her. You don’t need to agree on something with a person so to show him or her kindness. Also, you don’t need to be affected by the energy of someone so you could feel the connection between you. In the varied and rich tapestry of this world, every person occupies a sacred space, even at times, they do not understand that space’s meaning.

4. You don’t have to feel obliged about taking the energies of the ones that you don’t resonate with, or you should not blame yourself for those people’s enlightenment too. Your power actually is in working in your energy, standing behind your truth, and respond from such sense of your reality. The energies you emit will have a more significant influence than every word you say.

5. However, that does not imply that you will have to remain passive, as well as silent when you notice hurtful or abusive behavior. When you stand in your truth, it actually means that you use your biggest spiritual gift of free will in order to discern everything you want to allow and also about how you can respond in the best way that is going to honor you as a divine being. Speaking your truth, as well as refusing to involve yourself in something that will dishonor, hurt, or disrespect you, or also other people, maybe the best form of compassion and self-love.

6. You may prepare for meeting the ones that challenged you by setting their intentions, as well as raising your energetic shields, and also centering yourself in love or dropping your expectations about the speaking, acting and behaving of a person. You may create some ritual for this, or also carry a crystal or talisman in the pocket in order to remind yourself of your intentions, and also keep yourself grounded. You may also ask your Higher Self, angels or guides to aid you to respond and act in a specific way that will be the greatest good, and you may remind yourself to stop and take a breath before you respond.

The reality is that the people that challenge us may be our best teachers, and we can also feel such challenges in a more profound personal way, as we are emotional beings.

Remember that sadness, frustration, grief or anger do not indicate that we are spiritually weak, but they are here to remind us of the power we have to choose the responses, as well as a return to that energy which balances and animates everything.

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