Love & Telepathy: 13 Simple Steps To Send Love Telepathically

by Conscious Reminder

In our lives, there are a lot of situations in which we want to send our love to our loved ones and those we really care about.

Perhaps we are trying to help our loved one to heal from some mental or physical ailment, or also recognize that he or she requires our support, as well as encouragement at some difficult time in their life.

Whether our loved one lives far away from us, and we cannot be there to share the love with him or her directly, or something else stops us from that, being able to send them our love telepathically is going to give us the chance to care and love in entirely different ways which we were not aware of previously.

In fact, there are several significant factors which we need to understand about the telepathic communication. Every person has the ability to send messages using telepathy; but, you need to be conscious of the intention you have.

You should send messages of care, love, as well as healing unconditionally, and reaching to the person you want to with your best interests. All you need to do is close your eyes, picture the one you want to send a message and then offer the love you want to send gently as a present. However, remember that love and also healing cannot be forced on anyone.

In order to send love by using telepathy, you will have to take the following steps:

1. First of all, you should find a place full of silence, so you will have the ability to complete the process without being interrupted. In order to obtain the best results, you can find a place in which you will feel comfortable, you will sit like in a state of meditating, or you can also lie down on a couch, bed or simply a mat placed on your room’s floor too.

2. After that, let yourself relax. To be effective, you will need to come to mental relaxation state which is the same as the meditative one.

3. Then, inhale slowly and count to four, holding the breath also counting to four, having your lungs completely full. Then, exhale to the count of four and even hold the breath to the count of four with the lungs being empty as well, repeating this cycle. You should do that until you feel an overall state of ‘good.’

4. You should close the eyes and then focus on your individual in question. You should picture the person standing in front of you.

5. After that, permit yourself to feel all the care and love you want to send. You should feel how the love takes over your whole body, while it prepares itself, with its center being in the heart.

6. Then, focus on love, and make sure it is a pure one, as well as well-intentioned and gentle. Banish everything negative.

7. Repeat this: “I am sending my love unconditionally and without prejudice. I cannot control the actions of those that I love, nor will I force my love upon them, however, I will make my love available should he/she choose to accept it.” Also, ensure that you took the message to your heart.

8. Return your focus on the love you want to send, but during this time, you should specifically cultivate that for the individual you pictured in front of you. Feel profound care and love for him or her and reveal that to them.

9. Draw all your love from the body in your heart, getting it ready in a high-energy and focused center in the heart.

10. After that, permit yourself to feel that love with high-energy as energy which will build and grow in the heart. 

11.  Imagine that there is a cord which connects you with your loved one. So, that spiritual link should be passed on the third eye of the person directly from your heart. Make that cord quite real in your mind too.

12. Allow those energies that contain care and love to travel on that cord. Imagine how they make their journey, and also make sure there is no blockage on their way.

13. You should continue the process for 10 minutes or so, as that is the time needed for the person to get the message which you send to him or her. You should also sense whether they felt that loving energy. You can repeat the process for several days in order to optimize every message you send.

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