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Many Who Suffer From High Functioning Anxiety Shares These 11 Habits

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Anxiety is considered to be the ‘illness of the 21st century”. Anxious people are fighting battle after battle against themselves and to understand the anxiety you need to understand the modern way of life.

The fast dynamic, the modern way of social interaction, the media and technology and many other things make the modern-day kids suffer from anxiety when they reach adolescence.

According to many scientists, kids born in the 90’s, for instance, are the ‘anxiety generation’. The technological revolution and the progress of humanity in the last two decades caused a huge impact in the personality-building of these generations.

However, anxiety is a state of mind and body that manifests both physically and emotionally. In this article we will share with you the habits of a high functioning anxious person:


People who suffer from high anxiety are easy to spot. Even if they are used to their state of mind, you can still spot them trembling, shaking or sweating. People with high anxiety have always wet palms. They also may be seen making continuous small movements with their fingers, hand or foot. Like this, they release their stress unconsciously. Anxious people may also have problems with breathing or even pass out in a panic attack.


Anxious people are used to leaving from social events, parties or crowded places. You can spot anxious people just running away from the place with no reason, well there is a huge reason called anxiety. Don’t judge them, try to accept their decision or, at least, try to make them feel more comfortable.


Anxious people are often too busy. They always focus on their daily activities and job, they do everything in their power to keep their thoughts focused on something else. Distractions on daily basis are very important for anxious people, they really need to get out of their heads. If you think they are obsessed with their jobs, don’t judge them- they really need to feel valued and, also, distract themselves from their main issue in life.


If you are an anxious person, there is a big probability that you will also try your best to please everyone around you. Anxious people have the need to keep things under control, and the best way to do it in the social interactions is to keep everyone happy. At least, that’s how anxious people think.


Anxious people tend to be perfectionists. Just like we already said, their anxiety is highly reduced if they have a control over the situation. Mistakes are unacceptable because they are the source of problems- perfection is quite the opposite. Anxious people are afraid of mistakes and they always try not to make any mistake in the things they do. Their good focus and determination often help them to reach perfection in things they do.


Every anxious person has some strange bad habits. Yes, anxious people are perfectionists and focus on one thing very hard, but the other things, especially some things they don’t find important or can’t find them important because of their condition, are often irritating the others and turn into a bad habit.


Socializing- this is the place where all anxious people hate to be. It’s a big burden because they really cannot focus on their social skills- the social connections are way above their control- all sides are equally about the progress of a certain connection between two or more people. That’s why anxious people hate little things like phone calls, social media connections, traditions, holidays, cheers etc.


Anxious people are constantly bombarded with thoughts. They are really under hard pressure and they fight against their own state of body and mind. The frustration of this inner conflict is huge and, of course, results with many thoughts, some of them even a ‘product’ of the anxiety itself, which makes the situation even harder. Anxiety thoughts are unpleasant and many times horrifying.


If you are an anxious person, be sure that you are your worst critic. Anxious people give themselves really hard time, they punish themselves and think less of themselves. That’s very wrong and it must not happen. That’s why all people who feel anxiety is getting stronger and stronger need to immediately visit a professional who is going to help them deal with their issue.

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