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Empowering The Children Of The Future

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We have been living in a society where everything has developed with time, technology, standard of living, our communication with one other, foreign relations but one thing which is still being followed right from day 1 of any civilization is the mandated educational system.

Our educational system never really focussed on empowering the children, it was more of a basis for creating adults obedient to authority. School students mostly have to wear uniform not for the stand of unity but for the sake of stifling self expression.

Students have to address their teachers with a Sir or Ma’am as if to say the adults are far more superior to the children studying.

Unnecessary information and knowledge needs to be mugged up by students for the sake of grades and social acceptance whereas most of this information is impractical and un-applicable.

The children are restricted to think up to limit and definitely not for themselves. The system successfully produces students who are really not self-sustainable.

Creativity, artisanship all of this isn’t valued. The right part is also a very important section and half of the brain. Without proper nourishment at the right age, they are just left high and dry.

But, what if instead of clearing out superiors and disempowering the children we empower them to pursue whatever they like according to their will? To start with, schools could just focus less on the theoretical aspects of education and emphasise more on the practicality of everything.

Children should learn how to be self sufficient in today’s day, how to cultivate food or a garden, how to build their own home using sustainable materials etc. They should be taught how to save resources, produce energy, how to break, repair and build new things.

We need to show children the need of practical life skills, independency. Teachers and students should be treated as equals and not one’s superior or inferior. Critical thinking skills, mind space for creative activities, philosophical studies, media literacy should be a part of the annual curriculum.

All of these are required to meet the innate desires of those who are struggling to be heard. We cannot grow adults in the palms of our hands, bestowing them with responsibilities, urging them to take decisions are steps that should be taken to make independent adults.

We need to stop considering children’s incapability to do bigger things. Taking risk needs to be a part of their life too; we need them to fail on their own.

Children are powerful.

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