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Are You Feeling Detached From Your Twin Flame?

by consciousreminder
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by Conscious Reminder

Do you sometimes feel detached from your twin flame? In fact, there will be a phase in your TF relationship when it will seem like all that burning passion you were feeling just a couple of months ago, has disappeared.

During that phase, you can feel discouraged and disappointed, and your wish of continuing your twin flame journey may also disappear, leaving you detached and broken.

But, this is quite normal and fine. Don’t worry about that at all.

When you feel detached from your twin flame that feelings may make you feel distressed too, and you will think that you are the one that is responsible for misidentifying your relationship. If you doubt about that entire spiritual process, it will probably consume you.

Secondly, you may guess the Universe’s machinations, as well as the twin flame unity concept too.

Feelings of detachment from your twin flame.

However, in real life, what happens is actually the natural part of the whole process. It may also represent some spiritual progress and indicate you are walking on your right path.

The need for a timeout.

At the time you feel detached from your twin flame, you experience spiritual selfishness. This is not that bad just as it actually sounds.

You certainly share your spiritual journey with your twin flame, but remember that it is the journey for you as an individual too. Although you have to go on that journey together, with raising the levels of vibration and teaching your twin flame the karmic lessons between you two, both of you will also have to go alone on that journey when there is a necessity.

You have your problems, but you also have common issues with your twin flame.

When you feel detached from your twin flame, it is a sign that you need to take a break from your relationship as twin flames. You have to keep working on both of you, but sometimes, just step away from that progress and take a break for some time.

If you don’t stop or take a breath, you cannot endure all those difficulties of your journey towards ascension.

Take time to practice self-love.

You and your twin flame have to take your time in order to address some old wounds which you probably left unresolved in your mind. You will also realize that in recent times, you were thinking about your old relationship or some other past event which hurt you a lot.

You can also become obsessed with your past. You should not ignore that as it is an indication that you still have a lot of work you should do. There is the chance that you neglected yourself as a person while you were concentrating all your efforts on your relationship with your twin flame.

This is something natural, and every person does it. That’s why you have to take several days only for yourself. You can visit your family, or take walks in nature, and spend some time in solitude too.

Distancing yourself for some time will actually be a beneficial thing for your relationship – this is needed for the relationships between twin flames as they are unbelievably intense.

You will also put your house in a better order. Your spirit and your mind are going to be in their best possible shape. Your twin flame is also going to thank you for that, and you will also thank him or her for that same thing.

Everything will come back to the normal. Moreover, your detachment feelings are going to dissolve too.

So, when you return to your twin flame relationship, it is going to be full of new energies, love, as well as compassion for one another.

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