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10 Signs You Are On The Right Track Even When It Doesn’t Feel So

by consciousreminder
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by Conscious Reminder

Although you sometimes feel like you are not at the appropriate time and place, you are wrong, as it is always like that.

Usually, as we are growing and changing, we become stressed because of that, and we may also feel quite uncomfortable. However, we should be aware that our Universe constantly keeps our backs safe.

So, we have to remember that we are in the appropriate way and that everything is going to come to us in the proper time. Everything that is meant to be for us is always going to find us with a lot of ease.

Here are the ten signs indicating that we are exactly on the appropriate track:

1. We cannot even imagine what comes next.

This is as a result of choosing to take the root which follows our intuition and our heart, instead of following what makes us feel comfortable. When we don’t know what comes next, we are afraid, but it also leads us to exactly the place where we are meant to be, offering us limitless opportunities. Even though we feel so scared, we are aware of that fact that embracing unknown things will lead us to the following steps.

2. Feeling afraid more frequently than feeling uncomfortable.

This usually happens as we regularly take some scary actions towards our dreams, and we also step out of our zone of comfort, push through, as well as take a lot of risks.

3. Certain things constantly fall apart.

Certain things are constantly falling apart and also become chaotic. Usually, when we grow or transform, some things will occur in order to aid us in moving forward, and they will often feel uncomfortable and painful.

4. Being more interested in the future.

We don’t focus on our past, because it is gone, but we simply focus on our future which is about to come and bring positive things with it.

5. Feeling that we are on the appropriate track.

Although unknown things make us experience fear and anxiety, somewhere deep inside us, we are well aware that everything is going to work as it should and we are regularly in the appropriate place and time.

6. Feeling more profound connections.

Our relationships usually gain more meaning, and we simply want to spend our time around individuals that make us feel food.

7. Feeling overwhelmed frequently.

This happens as we are always expanding ourselves, as well as learn new things, and also as we step out of our zone of comfort, or have late nights and early mornings. Sometimes, we have that feeling inside of us which tells us that we are not getting anywhere, but, in fact, we are.

8. Incredible coincidences occur.

The people or the information which we need actually comes to us at the right and excellent time. We probably thought about some problem which we were facing, and there will be a person that is randomly going to tell us what we have to do to solve it.

9. Not living for others.

We are well aware that this is our own journey, so we don’t feel like we have to prove ourselves or our self-worth to others, but only to ourselves, as we are trying the hardest in order to be successful.

10. Facing setbacks and ‘failures.’

We can face setbacks while we move forward, but it is just an indication that we are actually moving forward. We should keep going as moving is not a failure, despite the fact that it feels like one.

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