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Evergreen Tree Symbolism: Endurance & Perseverance

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by Conscious Reminder

Two different tree types exist: evergreen and deciduous

Deciduous is considered the most frequent type as it covers all those trees which lose the leaves or some other different foliage for a greater period of one year.

The evergreen trees type, just like the name implies, keep the leaves or also needles during the entire year. Some of those trees may also bear fruits at the time of the cold months in winter, and the deciduous trees just lie bare, as well as dormant.

Evergreens have diverse and rich symbolism. While we are moving through this new year, their symbolism grows every day and also becomes quite more relevant.

Eternal life and immortality

The evergreen trees are a symbol of eternal life and immortality across different cultures. In fact, we may see it practiced in the Northern Hemisphere in which the popular Northern Pine and Fir are the most prevalent.

These Northern Pines are celebrated and also marveled as they are able to do something that other trees are not able to – thrive at the time of the coldest winter months. Pay attention to ‘thrive.’

While a lot of species of animals and plants try just to survive during the winter season, the evergreen trees are especially instrumented to provide benefits from that absence of competition during the cold months.

Here, there is actually a particular symbolism which is related to the double state of awareness, as well as life in our Universe.

The deciduous type of trees die during every winter season, and in spring, they are reborn once again.

That can be seen as a symbol of people’s physical bodies that follow the direct line from their birth, then through their life and to death.

After that, they are reborn, but not in that same body they were before. However, evergreen trees continue during the winter and survive what their cousins the deciduous are not able to.

Also, it is symbolic of their soul that continually goes through thin and thick. As people often call it, the ‘immortal soul,’ thrives at the time of the winter season which is actually the time between the death of their physical body and their delivery in the following physical body.

Thriving throughout the hardships

Thrive is actually an essential thing for the success of evergreen trees. On the other hand, the deciduous ones handle with the winter season by shutting themselves down completely, just getting through it, and also waiting for the hardship.

Also, they are doing that effectively, and just a few of them do not have the ability to grow once again in spring.

In order to justify the keeping of the foliage at winter time, and hence spending their energy at a time when just a small amount of incoming energy is available, evergreens have to do something more than just survive.

They have to thrive, as well as finish the winter season in the best position than they started. To this, there is additional symbolism. A lot of people, when facing some difficulty in life, take the deciduous trees’ philosophy.

They actually do everything in order to get through it, pass all the difficulties and believe that the following spring season is going to bring them warmth.

People have to think in a positive way. When they are positive, they can see how they can turn the hardship into new opportunities.

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