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These Are The Reasons Why Your Money Is Practically Disappearing

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This text is not about inherited poverty. It’s not about the social and economic causes of poverty, nor the psychological and philosophical aspects to it.

Everything was normal, even good. You were earning money, spent it, your income was growing steadily and then things went south. All your sources dried out, the income decreased, the unforeseen expenses started growing. The money literally disappeared.

All of a sudden you can’t earn any money to improve the situation, and you end up borrowing or taking more bank loans.

What happened? Why the once thriving garden turned into a dry desert?

There are strange reasons for the disappearance of money. One of them is hidden debt. This is not a bank loan. It’s about owing someone you borrowed from – and you have not returned the money or whatever you borrowed.

It may have been a small amount at the beginning, but with time the interest grew and the amount wasn’t so insignificant anymore. Even if you forgot about the debt, your account would be charged without your consent.

The subconscious never forgets nor forgives a thing. Even the smallest of debts are paid with interest.

Love for free stuff also leads to poverty. The free of charge is for those who can’t pay. For the sick and the poor. There is no need to aim for the free, if there is a possibility to payment.

It’s better to pay , especially if it’s a service. Do not cheat or pretend to be poor – you can become pour in the process. However it is, we’ll need to pay for everything free. The other way out is not to be paid for a job we did.

Angela Isadora Duncan was an American and French dancer who performed to acclaim throughout Europe. Duncan was very rich, had a castle and a theater; but she had the habit of not paying for her dinners or hotel rooms. She was generous, but also forgetful. And she often took things for free. And then her money literally disappeared and she had to live off of other people’s mercy.

Communication with poor, negative or people who constantly fail at businesses can also lead to poverty. The law of attraction and synchronization works. We start adopting the qualities and traits of those we are closely related with.

By regularly communicating with the poor, we adopt their thinking and strategies. And we get their energy. Finally, we are becoming poorer too. The same as when a healthy person gets sick because he or she was surrounded by people who had the flu, for example.

There is also a positive note to losing money and a temporary downfall – money can go to solving a problem, to fight off a danger. Something that you might not even be aware of! It’s like a ransom or sacrificing money for your own good.

Let’s say, you’ve been in danger of a serious illness or accident. And money was taken off your account without your knowledge – that money paid for your health, or maybe even for your life. To protect you from danger. You have remained intact and unharmed, but you have spent a great deal of your resources. You bought if of. All you have do is to survive this difficult financial period and find new opportunities later.

So, if, without obvious reasons, your money starts disappearing, you should think about why and look for a reason. It may seem strange but money is quite a peculiar thing.

In today’s world it’s the energy of work; energy of sustainability. It’s not about the paper or the zeros on your account. Look even for the tiniest holes in the hull of the ship, correct what you can and don’t despair.

Money is a renewable resource, unlike life. And you can fix it by repaying your debts, arranging jobs for others, paying for someone’s work, and changing your circle of communication.

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