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Your New Year’s Resolutions List Needs To Include These 5 Things

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by Conscious Reminder

There is an entirely new year in front of us,, and right at the time when we believe that all those stresses from the season of holidays are over – such as shopping, cooking, as well as baking, wrapping gifts, and everything that was a mess – we will start thinking about the resolutions of this New Year.

The easy part for these resolutions will be to make them, as if we decide to keep them, they will create additional stress. This is not the start of the New Year you wished for.

However, here we will present you the five things you should put on your list of resolutions for the New Year, which are going to turn in gifts and which will also help you to fulfill every wish and desire in your whole life. They are the following:


So, the long way to complete peace, within or without, will be through surrendering entirely, as in doing that, you will quit opposing what actually is. You should reconnect with your present moment, as well.


You have to be still, as your highest thoughts do not require any words. Regardless of what you do, such as meditating or using journaling as an instrument for being with your own self, and even taking a walk in order to collect the entire beauty which is surrounding you, you are going to be given some messages coming from our Universe, which are going to guide you while you are aligning your actions and thoughts.

In turn, it is also going to become your compass so you would walk on the path which is made by choice and not by default or something else.


You have to set free from everything you chose to be worried about, which includes the limiting beliefs which set you up for your failure; after that, hand those beliefs over to our Universe.

Admittedly, there is actually the intrinsic necessity for individual responsibility; but, while you surrender yourself truly and all the time, everything is going to fall into its place, and all that struggling with controlling every situation is going to stop to exist too.


Happiness is the state of your mind which cannot be found or bought for any purpose. The key to happiness lies in accepting the current moment entirely and surrendering negativity. When you expect that some external things are going make you happy, it means that you postpone your happiness, and that is going to lead to disappointment, as what you believed is going to make you happy did not do that.

Keep in mind that you already possess what you really need, even though there are some twists, as well as turns or changes in your mood which happen inevitably and every one of us experiences them at a certain point in life.

Feeling good

Just like we already mentioned, outside circumstances regularly come and also go. You will be the one that is going to decide whether you will take or also leave them. Also, you may be very happy like little children whose knowledge and innocence of their reality often comes from surrendering completely to the current moment.

When acknowledging life happenings and events, as well as focusing on inner strengths, you may finally escape the illusion which says that everything, every person or every place is what makes you to feel bad or good. It is liberating to be aware of the fact that it is actually something which you are able to control.

So, celebrate the beginning of this year and also embrace it, and know that at the time you surrender yourself, you create the life you ever dreamed of, and that life is going to become your reality.

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