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Venus Moves In Sagittarius Jan 7th – Feb 3rd: Passion, Adventures & Excitement

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by Conscious Reminder

You would really want Planet Venus to be on your side. Love, money, and self-worth – Venus brings everything and is the epitome of peace and co-operation. But when it enters the adventurous Sagittarius, then things really start getting heated up.

The Fire sign Sagittarius will fire up our romantic lives when Venus passes through it. When the energies combine, we find ourselves entering the zone of an optimistic light – in the best times of our love and relationship.

What happens when Venus and Sagittarius combine?

Sagittarius is confident and outgoing. When Venus comes in Sagittarius, we go out to try new things. We search for affection and love in all the odd places. It’s time to make new friends, to socialize, to bring our heart out into the world. Sagittarius’ energy will back us up when we put ourselves out there.

Sagittarius is adventurous and when Venus passes through it, we are naturally drawn towards exotic people and places. Our thirst for adventure grows. When Venus comes in Sagittarius, old routines will become boring and we will break out of it.

Traditions won’t hold us back. We are in for new experiences. Our boundaries will expand, and once it begins to spread out, our love will grow too. Love does not stagnate as you grow.

Taking things lightly

Sagittarius likes some fun, so don’t take things too seriously. Keep your love open and light. Enjoy your life, and enliven things by adding newness in your daily affairs. For couples, visit a place you never went to or join a class where you can share your time and talent together.

Single people can find love in unexpected places when Venus comes in Sagittarius, so keep exploring places like libraries, book clubs, or any other places of learning. You may also come across someone when you are traveling.

Be honest

When Venus comes in Sagittarius, things may appear more beautiful than they actually are. It is the time when you need trust and honesty on your side. When the glitter of adventure or exotic people dies, it will all seem mundane again. That’s when trust and honesty come as support. In all the excitement of Sagittarius, you are not going to save much.

It’s an exciting time and money will just enhance it – who would want to hold themselves back? But, keep your wisdom – be careful with finances. Sagittarius loves to take little risks. Gambling and superficial pleasures will be a part of your life when Venus is in Sagittarius.

Since you are going to spend money, maybe you could try to invest in something that will actually bring good returns in the future. On the whole, Venus coming in Sagittarius opens up new avenues for us to explore. Put yourself out there and you will receive a lot more than you had imagined.

Being born with Venus in Sagittarius

If you are someone who has been born with Venus coming in Sagittarius in your birth chart then you are immensely lucky. You have a lust for adventure – you love to take journeys down new areas so that you explore them and learn more.

You are optimistic, and your light of optimism draws people around you making you the center of attraction. You sense of humor and grand style of storytelling attracts people, though you might exaggerate sometimes.

I am free

Nothing can tie you down – not even love. You love your freedom more than anything else. However, that doesn’t mean that you can’t fall in love – you just need someone who doesn’t hold you back.

They should be confident and willing to be a part of your adventure – the exact thing that you want for your partner. There’s a diverse world out there and you wish to explore every bit of it – taste it completely.

While that’s amazing, you might go overboard. Exercise control – don’t take things too far. Pleasure, drinking, dating or anything for that matter, can harm you in excess. A bit of moderation always helps and brings a better perspective into life.

Venus in Sagittarius is a special time. It brings all new events into our lives without overwhelming us. Be open and let it come and lift you up with its optimistic breeze. Fly – and be happy!

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