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Twin Flame Connection & Kundalini Energy

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by Conscious Reminder

The energy of Kundalini is flowing through the primary seven chakras of your subtle body, so your twin flame can affect it deeply.

A lot of people often experience significant changes because of that energy after they finally meet the twin flame of their life.

But, how the relationship with your twin flame may affect your energy coming from Kundalini?

The energy of Kundalini.

Usually, Kundalini is depicted as a snake. The reason for this is as it starts coiled up just like a serpent at the base of the spine until it becomes awakened, and at that point, it begins to slither up and uncurl your subtle body with the primary seven chakras.

When you master Kundalini fully, it will lead to ascension. However, mastery cannot happen until Kundalini is entirely awakened.

The awakening of Kundalini.

In fact, there are several ways of achieving this awakening. Dedication to a spiritual accomplishment or meditation is the most prominent and common way of doing so, even in the past.

Hundreds of years or more, this awakening has been the protection of innately talented and monks.

However, with the beginning of the era of twin flames, there was also a shortcut discovered. According to that discovery, everything you will need in order to start awakening your Kundalini will be to raise your vibrations. Right after meeting your twin flame, the raise of your vibrations is going to happen immediately and automatically.

The meeting of Twin Flames will awaken Kundalini.

At the time of meeting your twin flame, your energies will go through the roof. That is the so-called Kundalini awakening. However, what is the reason for it?

Well, when from one soul, twin flames become two separate souls or mirror expressions of it. After that, they would long for each other, desiring to join together as just one.

So, this is going to manifest the silver cord – the ray of spiritual energies which connect twin flames by their heart chakra. This connection usually concentrates on that flow of energies between the twin flames, even pumping new energies into the two of them. Then Kundalini is going to awake.

The new energy is going to raise a frequency of vibration of the two twin flames, so that is going to force Kundalini up, passing through the first chakras, in that way activating all of them.

This is an effect which may last only for an instance, or also much longer. After the meeting of the twin flames, there will be an activated subtle body left.

In order to keep going with the process in your relationship, you have to continue raising your vibrations, and the best way you can do that is learning the lessons of karma from one another.

You will also work on yourself, of course. Every chakra has to be well-balanced. Also, the effects from the awakening and the activating of the subtle body may last for several weeks.

You may feel energetic, tingly, more friendly or in an improved mood too. In order to dissipate, the energetic burst from the meeting of the twin flames will need some time.

Keep in mind that the real key to successfully achieving the complete Kundalini awakening is in the hands of your twin flame. If you travel together with them on your spiritual journey or you raise your vibrations, and you do soul learning too, it may make you feel the effects forever.

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