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When people are talking about spiritual energies, they actually refer to the spiritual frequencies and vibrations which are within their subtle bodies.

One essential step in spiritually living is to understand such vibrations and also frequencies in which they actually come in.

So, what are spiritual frequencies and vibrations?

Spiritual vibrations.

A spiritual vibration is, in fact, a pure and real spiritual energy, and it is the thing from which consciousness is created. The energy itself does not have properties and mass. So, for making changes and differences in this world, or for some other intent or purpose that exists, energy has to vibrate.

This means that the actions and thoughts create some vibrations, represented in the field of spirit energy. Simply with your existence, you create spiritual energy. Also, the way you do that existence will define the creation of those spiritual vibrations. However, are all those spiritual energies identical? Is it everything only spiritual vibrations?

The frequencies of energy.

It is not entirely identical.

Even though spiritual energies are identical, and even though everything vibrates, the number of various frequencies it may vibrate at is limitless. Think about the speed of the vibrating of energy.

Feeling emotions such as rage, fear, anxiety, or hatred, you will create spiritual energy with low frequency.

Such low and rumbling vibrations will weigh you down and also cloud your mind. So, this is the reason for the difficulty in shaking lousy mood.

However, feeling emotions such as love, sympathy, kinship, or awe, you are going to create spiritual energy which has a high frequency. Such energy will make you feel more vigorous and lighter too.

How to take care of those energies?

One of the most important things about the spiritual frequencies and energies is that the higher frequencies should always outshine the lower ones, meaning that even though it will be easier to accumulate the lower ones, the creation of high-frequency energy is going to help you in wiping them away.

You can do that if you live with conscience and kindness. Putting high-frequency energies in this world when you express love, acting with kindness and being charitable and humble, is going to give you the ability to return all high-frequency energy.

In fact, this is the karmic law. However, you will have to be quite mindful of those low energies.

There are people who always posses lower frequencies, surrounding them because they act with malice and selfishly. Spending just a small amount of time with them is highly recommended.

Spending some time with others means sharing energies together. Frequently, this is good because reasonable people can raise the vibrational frequencies of one another.

In order to make sure that you are free of such lower frequencies, you should practice meditation, bring the negative, and while breathing, clear it all away.

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