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Your Random Act Of Kindness Can Change The World

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by Conscious Reminder

February 17th is the American ‘Random Act of Kindness’ Day. New Zealanders celebrate it on September 1st, Australia celebrates it on November 4th an so on. 

There are a lot of people who are huge supporters of such random kindness acts and they simply like the idea of spending and devoting one whole day to doing random kindness acts for people that are mostly strangers to them.

However, why is this happening only once a year? Why devote a day, when we can devote 365 days a year?

Can you imagine spending a week, a month or a year in doing such acts for other people? Or much better, what is going to happen when everyone did asmall thing on a daily basis in order to make the day of others brighter? Also, think of all that love, positive things, and even happiness which you could share with the people around you.

Just a simple kindness act every single day is going to change our world, because kindness spreads like a wave. Your good deeds will inspire others to join you on your noble endeavor. 

So, random kindness acts don’t really need to be complicated, expensive or time-consuming. They can be quick and straightforward things which you can do for other people, and such acts will definitely make them smile or make their days brighter and easier.

If you need ideas or you are also not sure about how you can start this, remember that random kindness acts are simply inexpensive or free ways of spreading love in the following few months. Start the year with doing good, and I promise, it will come bact to you in ways unimaginable.

You just have to go outside and be kind, spread love, raise vibrations, and shower the entire world with your kindness, and remember YOU CAN’T EVER OVERDO IT. 

  • Open the door for a person, even if he or she is a stranger;
  • Smile to people that look like they need a smile;
  • Give compliments to strangers;
  • Buy tennis balls so you could spread them in a dog park, animals need kindness too;
  • Draw some pictures in order to drop them off at a nursing home;
  • Write letters to friends, no matter if they are an old-fashioned way of communicating;
  • Write letters to someone that serves in the military;
  • Pay for a cup of coffee or a subway ticket for a stranger;
  • Leave the extra change in the vending machine;
  • Let people go before you at the store;
  • Donate blood so that you could save someone’s life;
  • Praise someone for a well-done job;
  • Clean the closets and after that donate extra stuff;
  • Donate things for the shelter about animals;
  • Donate some food to the local food shelf;
  • Offer the seat on a train or bus to someone;
  • Say “Hi” and also smile at every person you see, as it may change their day entirely;
  • Write friendly notes and leave them on some random cars, or on the car of your neighbor;
  • Leave bigger tips than you often do;
  • Take several minutes when you are at a store in order to lead a conversation with the employees;
  • Write notes which say “Thank you” to someone;
  • Do everything that will come on your mind, and make sure that thing is going to brighten people’s day.

Spreading kindness is simple. Every one of us can do something on a daily basis in order to make this world a better, happier and kinder place.

According to some studies, being kind to strangers or your closer people will decrease your stress, and then increase your emotional well-being. The random acts of kindness can really make a difference. 

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