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Tip That Might Help You Figure Out Who You Were In Your Past Lives

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by Conscious Reminder

A lot of people are curious when it comes to the topic about reincarnation, and they ask themselves if they went on the planet Earth before.

There are a lot of interesting ways which we can use in order to help us answer the question “Who was I in my past life?” and also teach us how to use that knowledge in order to become whole and healed people.

However, reincarnation is not what a lot of people think it is. According to one definition, reincarnation is the simple process of energy recycling. In Buddhism, reincarnation was represented in the so-called Wheel of Dharma that represented the repeating birth, life, and also death cycle, which was called Samsara.

Who were you in your past life?

A lot of people often ask who they were in their past lives, search for the answers, but always felt like that was not the right question to ask. They can find that while discovering themselves and who they were in their past lives, they are connected to one particular person in another era. Also, they can have flashbacks from other different lives which all have an identical theme. Or, they can also not have flashbacks, but an intense feeling which tells them they need to figure out how to deal with a certain problem.

Here, we will present you several ideas which may help you in the discovery of the life you lived before:

You should examine what triggers, provokes, or even creates a nostalgic feeling in you now

For instance, you were probably interested in the shamanism of South America for some time, or you can also be attracted to the ancient culture of Asia, or even feeling a profound sense of yearning, and an inexplicable nostalgia for the countryside in England.

You should pay more attention to repetitive dreams

You have to learn to make a difference between those dreams which feel unreal, and the dreams which feel differently life-like – they can be the doorways in your collective unconscious.

Dreams that repeat constantly may carry significant messages for you, revealing what your mind on the level of your subconscious is fixated with.

You should set your intentions into the Universe

Before you try to visit your previous life, you would probably want to set your intention. This can be done before bedtime, before meditation, or with self-hypnosis practice. So, the intention you set can be “Who was I in my past life? Please be revealed” or simply “I want to know who I was.” Repeating the intention for a couple of times will also be helpful.

You should reflect on those people that you attracted in life

So, what were the harsh, but also powerful lessons which your family, friends, or partners taught you? Or, can you feel that there is one specific theme which runs through your entire life, which means that it was there since the beginning? Every one of us is believed to enter in his or her new life with specific soul group – a group comprised of beings who work collectively in order to resolve the acquired karma.

You should stare in some water body or mirror

You should use the reflection of yourself as the focal point of entering an alerted state of awareness. So, sit in the best possible position, comfortably, weaken the lights if possible, and keep the intention you set in mind, then relax the eyes and look in the reflection of yourself. You should hold solid and gentle eye contact, for ten minutes or thirty minutes. While the minutes are passing by, you can see that the face starts to change and it changes its appearance too. What do you see?

Figure out the pattern 

In the end, you may combine all those practices from above in order to explore the life you lived previously. Remember that there actually are a lot of other different techniques, but the five from above are the basic ones and even quite easy to try.

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