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Jupiter Square Neptune On January 13th: Welcome Back To Reality

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by Conscious Reminder

On January 13th, Jupiter will square Neptune and bring your dreams to a test. We all have dreams and sometimes, they may turn out to be idealistic and yet we get swayed by it.

When Jupiter squares Neptune, we will have a wake-up call which will show us whether our dreams are realistic or not and if we act on what we preach. It is at this time that false messiahs who try to lure people with false hope are brought out.

Yes, it can be really frightening to find out that your hopes and dreams, all the things that you built your life on, will be shattered, but that’s a necessary development. We need wake-up calls like this so that we could rebuild ourselves.

Maybe you can even come to know about a toxic relationship that you have been sharing with someone which you can now break.

Don’t Overdo Your Support

You have been a support for someone and it’s completely fine. However, we may tend to overdo being a support system. The problem that it creates is that when the person needs to develop their own spiritual side, they fail to do so because they have grown dependent on you.

Jupiter is expansive and it can bring you material success as well. There will be an urge to help others and give something back to the ones who do not have anything. This is a Chiron vibration and since Neptune is known for healing, Jupiter will be more inclined toward being the Savior. It is a great sign but don’t try to overdo your help – don’t make someone completely dependent on you.

Breaking Free

When the square is at its most positive in the natal chart, it is indicative of relationships held with narcissistic people who have continued to leech on your lifeforce. Now, when Jupiter squares Neptune, it will help you break free from such a relationship and you will refuse to remain a martyr. You will have some wounds in your heart, but you have grown and you will turn out to be a great healer.

Be Careful Of Jupiter’s Ill Intentions

Jupiter is often represented as a nymph who is pursing young children. This means you have to be aware of the presence of pedophiles around you. When Jupiter is in hard aspect, it is during that point when the child sex abuse and pedophilia may come into more visibility. Generally, religious institutions will attract such people within them. It is a place that many unquestioning worshippers visit and hence, it can be a seat of corruption as well.

Generally, it takes an evolved person to be safe from the seduction of power or corruption, but as there are many false preachers, there are many unevolved priests and priestesses in the high ecclesiastical positions. Around these dates, you might hear a lot of news on the scandals of the Catholic Church since the Church is often the scapegoat in any such activities.

However, be aware that there may be many areas that this monster might be breeding in.  Another Jupiter position is based on teaching and this is a place where many pedophiles can come in direct contact with children. While these institutions are not inherently evil, they are the places where you or your children should remain cautious during the transit.

Be Kind But Also Careful

If any of the aspects is occurring in one of your personal planets, then be careful about how you are spending your money. Maybe, you are donating it to a charity due to the expansive nature of Jupiter. But are you sure that the charity is not a fake one? There are thousands of scams around and while your intention may be good, it is not a great time to rely just on your gold heart and be blind. Check their credentials before you invest in a ‘charity case’. Also, don’t end up adding drinks or other indulgences in your life – not only will it be a huge drain of funds but it will also end with some costly, long-term decisions with your loved ones.

When Jupiter squares Neptune, it might be a good sign only if you are careful. While being generous is a wonderful thing, it is necessary to be generous and wise. After all, we don’t live in an ideal world and this aspect brings this truth upon us. We should learn and live by it.

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