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Dream Decoding: These 6 Basic Dream Types Will Help You Figure Out What Your Dreams Mean

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by Conscious Reminder

Every one of us dreams, regardless of the fact if we can recall those dreams or we can’t.

There are dreams which are clear, but there are also others which are not. Moreover, some dreams can make us feel afraid or confused.

But, regardless of how our dreams make us feel, dreams are separated into six basic types. When we realize in which group our dream belongs, we will find it much easier to see its most profound meaning.

Here are the six basic types:

1. Clearing dreams.

These dreams, just like their name implies, help us in the process of clearing every mental and emotional input which is accumulated during the day. They release our useless and unnecessary concerns, and also integrate those that are helpful in our subconscious.

These dreams are the way in which our mind unwinds and makes our body relaxed. However, they are not needed at times we are calm and focused before we go to sleep.

Such dreams often consist of some fragmented pieces that come from the moments during the day, some unimportant memories or mundane things during the day.

2. Teaching dreams.

These types of dreams will provide us with information about some problems that we have right now, and they will give us the wisdom that comes from our consciousness.

Sometimes, we will recall that we received information which we never heard about. Also, we can gain inspiration or find some discoveries from such dreams.

For example, in such dreams, we can see ourselves sitting in a classroom, having or giving a lecture, and even walking together with our mentor or teacher somewhere.

3. Problem-solving dreams.

Sometimes, the higher consciousness can provide us with solutions for the predicaments we have through the dreams. A lot of inventions have been solved with the help of dreams.

For instance, they can help us with our health, job, relationship or other different problems. Dreaming problem-solving dreams, they can be anything. But, one of the specific ways of recognizing them is when we wake up suddenly realizing that the intensity that all those messages inside us had, may help us in solving our problems.

4. Precognitive dreams.

The word precognitive actually means foreknowing, so such dreams provide us with knowing the potential outcome of something later on in our life.

Therefore, these dreams will make us comprehend that the mind operates beyond linear time or that it also lead us to take a more profound look in ourselves for spiritual transformation and consciousness expansion.

However, they are hard to differentiate, and there is often an image which stays with us when we wake up, so we actually feel that it is quite essential.

5. Visionary dreams.

Visionary and prophetic dreams are focused on spiritual growth. So, they will provide us with messages and guidance coming from our highest level of awareness like the source or the soul.

They are dreams which come from the highest levels of consciousness. Every message they bring is usually personal or collective. They will leave us inspired and peaceful right after we wake up.

6. Outside interference dreams.

These dreams are better connected with everything happening in the physical environment. They don’t provide us with direct messages. If we want to learn something from such dreams, we should sleep in a quiet and comfortable room.

The subconscious mind of people will pick up from outside disruptions such as barking dogs, ringing phones, bright light, or a full bladder as well. The mind will shape and color such disruptions inside the dreams, and they will become part of them.

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