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What Does It Mean To Be A Warrior Of Light?

by consciousreminder
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by Conscious Reminder

Sometimes, every one of us will oppose the external and internal forces that nature possesses, which prevent us from accomplishing our spiritual goals.

Deep inside us, there is the battle that constantly happens between light and darkness. Our hearts and minds are the areas in which the war occurs, without us being aware of it.

At the time when we join forces with light, darkness observes that and also joins forces against the just cause of us and our light.

For the entering of the perpetual light into our own beings completely, we have to oppose the demons in us and defeat them so that we can continue on our path to our spiritual enlightenment.

In fact, the darkness is just one part of us who prays to be freed. Darkness desires to be free of pain. Well, we have to do everything we can to win the battle.

However, the darkness is also external and not just internal. We are living in a society which constantly corrupts our personal senses and tries to keep us far from the real nature in us.

In order to restore this pure and true nature, what we need to do is improve our determination, and even fight with the mystical forces that darkness possesses. That is what actually makes us the warriors of the light.

Also, our consciousness was deleted with evil intent, so that is the reason why obstacles on our way to progress regularly appear when we attempt to reach spiritual ascension.

The warriors of the light are those that bear the truth. They are never tempted by defrauding as they are aware that when they take the help that darkness offers, in order to accomplish success, they will gain harm instead of good. They will continue their walk on the appropriate path without hesitating.

These warriors are given the indomitable tenacity. It is almost impossible to defeat their determination and resolve.

They are aware of the fact that their interests are not that big as the cause they fight for. Their selflessness is deeply rooted, fueling their struggles and propelling them towards their spiritual illumination.

They never follow the beliefs and opinions of others, but they simply follow their intuitions and hearts. When they believe that something is more than right for them, they will definitely do it, without hesitation.

The most important attribute of these people is love. Their love amounts, which are stored in the spiritual being, are infinite. Even when people hate them for their whole life, the warriors of light will convey all of their pain in order to connect with other people and heal them.

They always choose their own battles, involving themselves in some causes which are worth the fight. Also, they will never waste time chasing meaningless ordinary objectives.

Moreover, they are not out for blood, but their single purpose is spreading love and fighting the corrupt forces that evil possesses.

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