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How The Moon Helped Me Get In Tune With Nature And Myself

by consciousreminder
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by Conscious Reminder

There are a lot of people in the world who notice the moon, its changing form, and size, while they cycle through every single month.

Watching and observing the moon in all of its cycles is not new or even hokey thing. In the past, but also the present, some farmers planted their plants depending on the phase of the moon – the lunar planting is actually a long and ancient tradition of farmers.

It is known that the moon has an impact on ocean tides, but there is still not confirmed whether the moon also affects the behavior of humans or not – bad, right, or otherwise, there are people who believe that when they are in harmony with their natural surroundings, they invite peace and ease into their lives. So, spending some time outside possess its meditative quality which may help you recharge.

When you were a child, you probably spend most of your time outside in nature, playing with children from the neighborhood. You explored, built forts, rode bikes, played, and even spent all your day outside breathing fresh air.

Spending time outside was a norm for you, and you were inside only when you were in some trouble or sick. However, today you live in a contemporary world, and you will need reminders in order to see how wound up you became.

You have to remember the importance of getting back to the basics and experiencing uncontrived and pure ease. You have to start noticing, hearing or opening to experience the brilliant offering of nature once again.

Also, remember that the moon will actually be the perfect source from which you can get inspiration to start noticing the nature of your life and the interconnection between you and other people.

In order to connect yourself with nature, you can track the cycles of the moon or create some rituals around it, which can be powerful and fun ways.

During the period of a Full of New Moon, you can create different rituals and traditions for yourself. Such practices may help you become conscious of life’s cyclical nature. Such rituals may also become involved and complex so that you may follow another simpler model.

In the time of a New Moon, you can create some space for yourself during the evening, listening to quiet music. You can write your intentions for the month that comes, especially about your feelings or representing yourself in front of others. New Moons are always for setting some new hopes and intentions for our lives.

On the other hand, Full Moons are powerful times for relieving yourself from everything that you don’t need anymore, or also remove a part from yourself which you outgrow.

Often, during Full Moons, people get outdoors in order to spend some time under the glow of the moon. Before sleeping, they think of some things they want to release from their life. They set silent intentions around those things and go to sleep.

In fact, there cannot be a wrong or right way of being in harmony with our surroundings – it is ours by design. This is also for the method of setting our intentions, relieving ourselves from certain things or deciding to how we can guide our life.

So, creating a ritual around New or Full Moon or not is your own decision, and it will be good if you do, as you can connect with the natural environment. You will see the changes you will experience, spending time outside and breathing fresh air, or seeing the green in front of you. You can be quite surprised.

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