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These 3 Rule-Breaking Zodiac Signs Will Have The Best Aquarius Season

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by Conscious Reminder

The season of Aquarius, the air sign, is here. There are three signs which are going to have their best season of Aquarius in this year, and they are Aries, Libra, and Gemini.

There are a lot of people who love the energy of Aquarius because it is diverse, unique, electric, and even well-rounded. However, despite the love of this sign for mentally-stimulating talks and social gatherings, it is also unbelievably moody, and even super detached.

A lot of people say that Aquarius is probably the best of all the signs that exist. This sign is actually ruled by the erratic planet Uranus, which is the planet of rebellion, chaos and some unexpected changes.

The sign of Aquarius is also known for its eccentric, futuristic and determined nature for breaking the rules. Despite their personality that loves freedom, they are well aware of everything that happens around, so they are said to be the humanitarians among the other Zodiac signs.

Here is what Aries, Libra, and Gemini should expect from the Aquarius season:

Aries: Socializing, making the appropriate connections.

The people in the sign of Aries are going to make big moves. As the Sun is traveling through their eleventh house of group circles, extended work, and future goals, they will suddenly crave complex environments and environments which will stimulate them mentally.

They will also make new friends, as the energy of Aquarius season is excellent for creating the appropriate connections so that such connections may bring them closer to their wishes, hopes or dreams.

They are going to feel rejuvenated during this particular astrological season, because their ruling element, the fire, is working with air better, taking in consideration that both of them are masculine or Yang energies. So, they have to do their best. However, they have to be careful not to be carried away by the rebelliousness of Aquarius.

Gemini: Feeling adventurous or open-minded too.

Gemini is a real air sign. People in this sign are always on the airplane, and that is never enough for them. They adore being up in the air, continually traveling and even switching up sceneries, and that is their lucky break.

The season of Aquarius is going to be an excellent one for planning vacations, spontaneous adventures, or generally said, expanding their horizons.

They should buy themselves some good books, so they can start reading it on the primary day of this astrological season, the 20th of January. Actually, for the ones that try to look deep in mysticism, this will be their chance. They will never regret it, and they will be thankful later for this recommendation.

Libra: Prepared to get out of the shell.

Things were quite weird in recent times, but fortunately for the people in the sign of Libra, the season of Aquarius is here in order to make the things better and brighter.

This is an entirely new year, so while the season of Capricorn was quite introspective, this season of Aquarius is going to feel completely opposite. There will be lights, cameras and a lot of actions.

They will also be in a good mood for dancing, loving, mingling, and flirting. They know what actually occurs when they feel sexy. Moreover, this will be an excellent time for tapping into individual expression and creativity, and they should have fun because of that.

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