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The 10 Simple Things You Need To Know About Love & Relationships

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by Conscious Reminder

Every person considers himself or herself an expert when talking about relationships and love.

Based on experiences from previously, or from dating successes or failures, we all have our list of things we are supposed to do, or we are not supposed to do when we are in a romantic relationship.

Every person has to take in consideration the following ten things when it comes to relationships and love:

1. Be yourself.

This is quite simple. All you have to do is not to pretend that you are someone that you actually are not. Also, remember to stop regretting and worrying about your actions and statements. Sometimes, it can be stressful and annoying when you care about your reactions to something or your actions. Also, you are going to become tired and stop pretending to be someone you are definitely not. At that moment, your partner will see your real self. 

2. Know yourself better.

There is no need of finding someone that will define you or fix you. You need to stop searching for love only because of your selfish nature. It will be a huge mistake to build relationships while you are selfish. You should focus on yourself, getting to know yourself, the real soul inside you, because love can always wait. Then, you are going to be prepared and dare to fall in love or start a relationship.

3. Improve your confidence.

From time to time, every one of us has confidence problems. So, you have to quit judging your own self and then accept that you are never going to be perfect. Well, you have to begin loving yourself, as you are awesome, and you should be really proud of yourself. Show everyone the comfort you feel in your own skin.

4. Ask for more when you deserve it.

You have to be real and honest with yourself, so remember to always ask for more when you believe that you deserve it. Never feel satisfied with less as you know well what you really want and that you are a fantastic person. Also, remember that nobody’s perfect, so neither are you. Accept those imperfections.

5. People never change.

Remember that your life is not a movie. A person can never be changed as people never change. You should not spend your time trying to make someone a better person. Instead, spend that time focused on your problems and issues. Fix yourself and remember that relationships and love are never working just like they work in films.

6. Appearance really matters.

You should have your criteria as it is not something wrong. It will only mean that you actually value yourself, so you have the freedom to choose. This is not something bad because after all, you have to be physically attracted to your loved one. In order to build an unbreakable and strong relationship, passion should also be present.

7. Make a difference between lust and love.

Love does not happen at first sight, but lust does. You will need time to love someone with your whole heart. We already said that passion has an essential role in love. There are people who date as a result of lust, but when some time passes, they overcome it, without falling in love with one another. However, there are those that grow love from lust. You have to be careful and make a difference between these two.

8. Sometimes, love cannot be enough.

With the time, you may realize that life and love are not that simple as you thought. You will not always receive what you imagined and desired. Sometimes, love cannot be enough. When someone does not deserve you or holds you away from your real potential, appreciating and loving them will not be enough to settle for. You need to have the courage and change the course because you always deserve more.

9. You are never going to forget your first love.

Remember that you are never going to forget your first love and all those feelings you had. Some people remember it with happiness, while others remember it with bitter. You have to forgive and keep going. Relationships and love are genuine things, so you have to think of your past as something which helped you to become even stronger.

10. Think about the one who got away.

Unluckily, a lot of people experience this, which is undoubtedly their hardest situation in life. When you think of a person that got away, you will be held back and also re-stimulated, which are energies which you don’t really need. There will be two choices: fight for your love or overcome it and keep going. Regardless of what you choose, you will feel the benefits. 

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