Negative Information Affects The People Around You, Even If You Don’t Say Anything About It

A doctor, an older lady, was lecturing at the military medical school. She worked her whole life at the children’s hospital. Once, she said something very interesting.

Her children had caught every infectious disease possible, even though she is a doctor and she kept a good care of them. They were very active, cheerful, and well-fed kids, and the doctor took every safety measure she could think of and respected sanitary and hygiene rules, but the children kept catching viruses and bacterias. As soon as she came home, she would shower and wore almost sterile home clothes. She would constantly wash her hands and use hand sanitizers, but the children would pick up exactly the same illnesses that the patients she was treating at the hospital had. And they would immediately get sick if she had a particularly difficult and unpleasant case at work. Neither the vitamins nor strengthening the immune system helped, so the doctor fell into despair. She was even thinking of taking the children to Moscow – at the time it was one of the rare places that had special laboratories equipped to do test of the immune system. One day the doctor had a very difficult case at work and she was exhausted, but she was so afraid to ho straight home because she thought her kids would get sick again. So she decided to go to the movies and watched an adventure movie with Indiana Jones. After the movie, with a sense of guilt and excitement at the same time, she came home. The kids did not get sick. They kept jumping and laughing like all healthy kids should. Next time the doctor had a hard case, she went to visit her friend, where she drank tea with cookies and talked and laughed. Again, the children stayed healthy. The doctor was very clever and she figured out that she should go somewhere nice after work, instead of going straight home, no matter how tired she felt. She started walking through the beautiful parks, where there were beautiful flowers and fountains. Then, she would walk around the square, sit down on the benches, and only after she would go home. And the kids stayed well. She was extremely sharp and she came to a conclusion that it was not just a matter of microbes, viruses and bacteria. The illnesses were actually infused in the thoughts she brought home every night after work. Negative thoughts affected her children so much. And this simple and primitive, in away, conclusion was correct – since then there was no illness in the house. So, you shouldn’t rush home to the people you love after you had a fight, or you were in a place were not many positive things happen. You, unwillingly, bring something bad to them; sadness and stress. Even if you don’t speak about what you have been through, your thoughts and feelings do.

After an unpleasant scene, things need to change. Once . you have taken everything bad out of your system, you can go home where you feel relaxed and safe. How does it work? Scientists are trying to find out, but it definitely works.

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