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Spirituality Is Not About Being Perfect

by consciousreminder
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by Conscious Reminder

There are a lot of people who pursue the connection with their Divine and search for spiritual practice which would be perfect.

They consider the practice perfect if it allows them to dial into the Universe’s magical pulse or the perfect ritual which will remind them of the total abundance and love which flows through their life.

They also search for the best meditation routine which is going to allow them to freely dance in the pure and beautiful Divine light, the unfiltered joy, in the morning. They search for perfect affirmations, and sets of mantras, visualizations, or something else that is going to lit them up or fill them with gratitude, happiness, and faith.

Their single constant in their spiritual practice in their search for that perfect practice, their desire to improve, their hunger for discovering or testing routines and rituals which would be perfect.

Sometimes, we feel so close to the feeling of uniqueness and perfection: a nice buzz of emotions which are tapped in, overcoming us with bliss. Also, there are days when we cannot feel it. Sometimes, their practice does not feel perfect at all. These are the struggles of spiritual perfectionists. This is a never-ending fight for searching the right spiritual practice which would be perfect for them.

We should simply accept that we are not perfect, because nobody’s perfect.

The truth is that every one of us is a human being. We are imperfect and messy creatures that sometimes wake up not turned on the right side of our bed. We all have days when we do not feel positive 100%. We try hard, but we simply cannot.

So, instead of trying hard, we should say ourselves that it is quite okay. Sometimes, it will be more than just okay. It will be our perfect practice: living every day like divine and also imperfect human beings.

In our quests for perfect spiritual practice, we usually forgot our humanness. In our insatiable need for getting closer to our Divine, or in our everlasting quest for tapping into our higher self or embodying it, we usually forget to acknowledge or celebrate who we are. We forgot that our imperfection was actually not crucial to feel divine, but that it was the gateway leading to it.

One thing which was missing from our perfect practice has been the permission about being human.

So, instead of searching for perfection, we will seek appreciation, and also fullness of our human experience on the planet. We will allow ourselves to dance with the pure and divine light that the messy humanness has. Also, we are rejoicing in every imperfection in our life with happiness and gratitude.

Because, in our lives, every one of us chooses to be a human being and live a complex, full, and rich human experience, but not perfection. So, in our spiritual practices, when we tap into the light, embracing the Divine, we should also embrace our humanness.

We should embrace the lovely and messy creature we are – perfect creatures in all of our imperfections.

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