Expanding The 4 Levels Of Vibrational Awareness

by Conscious Reminder

Human beings have amazing senses which they utilize in order to experience the world, but they usually limit their awareness relying only on several of those senses.

When we were kids, our parents and teachers taught us that we can discern reality only with our five basic senses and that everything else which cannot be experienced like this is probably false and frivolous.

The reality actually is that we have more than only five senses such as the sense of balance, body awareness, pain, or others. Additionally to this, vibrational awareness or the sense of energetic reality also exists.

Every one of us experiences vibrational awareness but on different levels. When you walk across a specific room, and you sense an emotion or a mood leftover by someone that was there recently, it means that you have experienced some kind of connection with energetic forces which you never saw. Working on this awareness, or developing it, may help you open up to a better understanding and knowing yourself or other people as potent energetic beings.

There are various vibrational awareness levels, which include:

1. Empathy and intuition

Intuition is defined as knowing something, but we don’t know how we actually know it. Intuition is the connection with our Universal truth that extends beyond everything we were told or taught. On the other hand, empathy is said to be the connection with other people’s emotions that may range from having intuitive senses of the feelings of someone to feeling them on our own self. 

2. Psychic or mental awareness

There is a traditional definition which is applied to this word usually centered on people’s capacity to foretell someone’s future. It is actually true that a lot of psychics have some precognitive capabilities, so they are often said to be those that have the ability to raise their vibration to the level at which they will be able to connect with other people’s energies, in that way getting the sense of the life path, having an intention to guide and uplift them. The psychic connection represents the following vibrational step from the intuition within us.

3. Mediumship

Every medium needs to have a form of mental or psychic awareness, but not every psychic can practice the mediumship. Mediums are those that have the ability to raise their vibrations to levels where they have the ability to link with spirit’s energies.

Such frequency of the spiritual energies is that which human beings don’t have the ability to experience with their five senses regularly. Once again, it is only the step from the psychic awareness, because the spiritual energies are vibrating at higher frequencies than those of some physical beings do.

4. Channeling

Channels are those that have the ability to link with energy which is not physical in the way that such beings have the ability to communicate through this channel directly. However, this asks for another vibrational level of connection, because the channel has to move its consciousness aside in order to permit the communication to happen directly.

There are a lot of methods in which we can expand our vibrational awareness. We have to become aware when we pick up the feelings of something based on intellectual ‘knowing.’ We should see what is going to happen when we start trusting such feelings more, after that noticing the distinction between supportive guidance and ego. When we learn how to trust our inner knowing, we will allow the higher state of our vibrational awareness actually to guide us.

We have to learn that every single thing around us is energy, or also that numerous levels of energetic frequencies existing everywhere around us. Just like a broad light spectrum contains a small amount that is visible for our eyes, reality actually exists in a lot of different forms of awareness and frequencies. What knowledge or wisdom can we access through the higher levels of consciousness?

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