Making And Maintaining A Stable Connection With Your Higher Self

by Conscious Reminder

A lot of people are curious about connecting with their Higher Self. First of all, they need to understand that their Higher Self forms part of them, or instead, that they are a small part of their Higher Self.

In fact, it is all about removing the things which stand on their way of being conscious of the connection which is always present. In fact, what is required from them is a strong intention, in order to become conscious of such connection, or even spending time in solitude, in a quiet space, every day.

One excellent tool would be deep meditation. Upgrading their DNA will also help them a lot. So, both these offer permanent results which change the reality. QHHT or Quantum Healing Hypnosis Session is going to take you there immediately, however, only for the session’s duration.

People have to keep in mind that one essential thing is to avoid to be caught up in the web of long-lasting methods, ways, trying or chasing, or even their expectations about how something has to look, feel or sound.

For the first time, the Higher Self’s voice is quiet. The nudges, signals, messages, and downloads start coming, but when people don’t pay enough attention, they can miss them easily.

The communication with their Higher Self would be telepathically, throughout the so-called Heart channel. The job of people would be to notice some feeling first, and after that translate that feeling into a format which is compatible with the brain.

While the comfort and skill with the interaction are growing, it will become more frequent, step by step; until they become aware that their Higher Self is present and until they understand the constant guidance inside of them turns into the long-lasting feature of their reality.

According to some, the Higher Self is not a form or a being. In fact, all forms and beings can be considered a couple of Higher Selves, and are multidimensional expressions, which are the fragments and aspects of one real Higher Self.

So, from restricted human perspectives, such forms are said to be Higher Selves, because they have a higher frequency than one of the humans in the flesh. Simply, they are the energies of all-encompassing Higher Selves which are condensed in the form of different wavelengths, non-physical and physical.

Higher Selves are everything that people perceive themselves as within their individual streams of the soul, yet at the same time, it is also its own awareness within itself.

There is also a possibility for human beings to bypass every ‘in between’ form and being that usually serves as ‘translator’ of sorts, or even to experience themselves as the consciousness of their Higher Selves directly.

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  1. The “higher self” or True Self, is Present “all” the time! You are born with it and it won’t ever leave! Letting go (or releasing) all of the false learned ego; beliefs, labels and limitations, “everyone is taught”, will open you to this already inborn fully Present aspect… Listen to the inner promptings that guides you to the best resolution/ solution that is good for everyone… The more you follow this Inspiration (in-spir-at-I-on) the greater the results! You are That which you seek… Just open and Be! Namaste…


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