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The Great Consciousness Shift Is Happening Right Now: Can You Feel The Change?

by consciousreminder
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by Conscious Reminder

Do you have the ability to feel the happening of the great consciousness shift?

The time from right now was definitely designed to and perfect for bringing out the best in people, the power which is just called by some excellent challenges. In fact, it is the monumental time during which humanity is going to be forced to transmute and evolve into various new consciousness levels, the way of thinking of people, shifting the focus from separation and lack to oneness and abundance.

How did the shift start?

People were brought up and taught that they need to compete, or always strive to win, and be quite ambitious so to get right where they would like to be.

Although this is somehow true, a lot of people are usually caught up in the idle ambition, or going after someone or something so to feel good and fulfilled or even have that life which they always desired.

So, this is how the false self or the ego is working, repeatedly telling us about our need for something which is outside of us in order to get the things we really desire, and that having more is going to make us feel more satisfied with life.

However, the trap related to this thinking line says that more can never be enough and that our ambition to have grows every day unless we finally end up living a life in which we feel unsatisfied.

The satisfaction deficiency is going to lead to searching which is hopefully going to lead to an awakening or a shift.

About the shift.

Often, when reaching the rock bottom, we can call on a deeper something, not looking outside for answers anymore, but looking within. So, this moment will be the shift, which will move us outside of our ambition into meaning.

After that, this will lead to a better understanding of our Universe. Our life is definitely not about control, but it simply wants to join the flow or allow it to live us, rather than oppositely.

We will have to trust in order to give up to that place, and usually, the trust may just be found when we truly understand and connect with our higher self or the Divine.

Every one of us is created with the Divine’s flow. From the time of the conception to those primary nine months of our lives, we were not able to control, but we just allowed our Universe everything it is supposed to do.

However, this does not imply that we are taking passive approaches to life. Rather than that, it implies that we have to trust in the wisdom inside us, and also that we don’t have to interfere as our beings exactly know what we need.

With this understanding, our ambition will turn into a meaning that will then turn into a purpose.

Living our purpose is actually about believing the rhythm of our life, disconnecting from outcomes, and also knowing that everything that has to come up is going to do that during the appropriate time, but if we pay more attention.

We should allow our life to take things over, and not push the things along. Our song was already written, so we simply need to play it.

If everything from above seems absurd for some of you, it will be a result of not experiencing the shift yet. However, those that resonate with this have probably experienced the shift already.

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