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5 Reasons Why Your Partner Gives You Kisses On The Forehead

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by Conscious Reminder

People who are in a romantic relationship share several kinds of kisses, such as butterfly kisses, passionate kisses, pecks, or also forehead kisses.

Forehead kisses are the ones that are powerful enough to make nearly every one of us melt with love. Why forehead kisses are so special and unique and what is their real meaning?

Many people are confused about this type of kiss as when it occurs, it will leave them with a great number of questions instead of answers. Does it signify tenderness or protection? Or does it means that their loved one is not interested in them anymore? Well, we have the answers below.

There are people who believe that this kiss type is definitely the most serious and intimate one, which comes in intimate or special times; when two souls combine, the start of new families; when someone is appreciated and a lot of other precious moments which make the life worth the living.

Relationship therapists say that this type of kiss shows a potent emotional intimacy. The reason for this is as forehead kisses are not the greeting of erotic attraction, but it communicates something really deeper.

Here are the five reasons why romantic partners tend to kiss each other in the forehead:

1. Their connection is truly meaningful.

Forehead kissing is something entirely distinct from behind doors kissing. Forehead kisses tell a more significant and symbolic story of closeness on an emotional level in one relationship. So, this may be the reason why forehead kisses can come from partners or grandparents in the appropriate way, and they are the gesture of an emotional fondness.

2. They kiss each other’s souls.

The pressure and warmth of the lips on the forehead will stimulate a person’s pineal gland which releases chemicals which trigger mental wellness and joy. This means that romantic partners kiss each other’s ideas or thoughts, and they as they are, not as physical bodies.

3. They are showing adoration.

A forehead kiss will reveal the connection existing between two souls which go far beyond physical realms of existence. This type of kiss is going to show love, adoration, and affection for each other. When partners kiss in the forehead, they tell each other that they are perfect simply as they are or that they are proud of having each other.

4. They are showing a commitment to each other.

This is probably not that obvious but is true. Forehead kisses, mainly happening in the presence of others, show the commitment between two lovers.

5. Forehead kisses are an authentic kind of quiet communication.

People believe that forehead kisses are able to tell them a lot more than the words can. They show a particular type of love and affection which simply saying ‘I love you’ will never do. This means communicating without the use of words.

However, although this type of kiss means a lot of wonderful things, there are bad meanings too. When partners kiss each other on their foreheads, it may mean that their interests in one another are dwindling.

So, when your partner kisses you on the forehead only, and those kisses are coupled with hesitation, this will probably be the time to talk about what really happens with your relationship.

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