Venus In Capricorn On February 3rd, 2019: Longing For A Long-Lasting Relationship

by Conscious Reminder

The days are going by and the seasons are changing, and while some planets keep wandering through the wheel of the Zodiac, we also keep greeting a lot of the different faces that Mother Nature can have, together with the divine celestial powers and energies.

When speaking of such energies, the planet Venus in the sign of Capricorn of this year is about to come, meaning that this planet of love is not going to be around the archer, the adventurous one.

The planet Venus symbolizes love, pleasure, values, and relationships. The energies of the heavenly body also go together with Aphrodite, the Roman goddess, symbolizing languorous, vain, jealous, self-indulgent, irresistibly charming and alluring.

Here is how to envision the planet Venus through all the signs in your head. Imagine how it stands right before some elegant armoire. When Venus opens it, about 12 amazing gowns will appear each one for the 12 signs of the Zodiac.

One magical and fantastic part about the planet Venus is that her overall values, beauty and relationship style are changing whenever she travels in a new sign.

Here we will see the combination of the relationship-loving and lavish ways of Venus with the serious approach and pragmatism of the sign of Capricorn. For example, when it was in the sign of Sagittarius, Venus changed in many aspects. During that transit, a lot of people started craving spontaneous experiences, together with worldly interaction. That energy was the one that made us thirst for travel, higher learning or knowledge.

The planet of love in the sign of Capricorn from the 3rd of February to the 1st of March.

In this sign, the planet is going to change into a sophisticated and experienced businesswoman, ambitious and disciplined in her own ways. When really thinking about it, the sign of Capricorn is going to make decisions just like they are business deals, while the planet of love traveling in this sign, will do the same thing when it comes to values and relationships.

At the time of the transit, we will be more realistic about the people we are welcoming in our lives, platonically or romantically speaking, it doesn’t matter. Venus in this sign will ask us to pay attention to our goals about the future before we even make a decision.

The transit will also discipline us to be hard-working so to obtain our true desires. For example, in order to have a serious and beautiful relationship, we should better own our self-worth.

This transit also wants permanent relationships, so we should not even think to string along our friends with benefits, particularly when we look for something really serious. Capricorn is not wasting its time.

We may also notice that the things we previously considered beautiful are suddenly not that sophisticated like before, or we can even see them as immature. This is a because of the transit.

Venus also plays some roles in the artistic expressions of people, so the disciplined transit may present them with ruthless determination they need, so they could design, build and then finish what they have started.

We have to remember that Venus in the sign of Capricorn is not doing anything halfway. In fact, it desires to reach the mountain’s top and finish powerful and strong.

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