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These 10 Lessons That Will Remind You Of How Strong You Are

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by Conscious Reminder

At the moment, people are at one critical point of shaping their destinies, which hinge completely on the collective and private decisions they make which can increasingly have some global implications.

Sure, they knew what they were certainly getting into, why they were born, and that this world is going to move from dark into light, or from fear and confusion to love and truth; that they are going to be alive right at the moment of the spiritual awakening of their species.

And when they were born, they knew that given their ordinary propensity to thrive and self-correct, there is still going to be an excellent likelihood of some stunning advances, present in different fields of humankind during their lifetime.

When they know this, it is hopefully reassuring and grounding them. However, the most important thing would be the choices they make in their lifetime, and not who they were or what were they doing in other people.

What is really going to matter is facing the fears of today, living the dreams of today, creating some new stories and understanding themselves.

The following ten lessons are supposed to move people to such ends:

1. The first step for changing this whole world would be to fall in love with it just as it is now. This also implies for changing themselves.

2. People should listen to their doubts, not only as they can teach them or their fears but also as sometimes they can teach them their wisdom.

3. Sometimes, it would be perfectly okay or even highly ideal when they claim that everything is okay despite the confusion and doubt within them. It would also be ideal to feel happy despite all of the challenges, or to laugh despite all the problems. It would be okay to dance although they don’t have a partner, or to sing without any rhyme and to talk to lifeless objects.

4. Their feelings are their own choice, and what manifests after that may simply not be their choice. They have to choose wisely and carefully.

5. Taking responsibility for their lives does not mean that they should forget to have some fun.

6. What they say does not determine if they are honest or not, but why they said it. So, when someone told us that this day is beautiful only to distract us from the dent which they put in our car door, it means that they are quite dishonest.

7. People should never make decisions until they need to.

8. They should always see their work as some play, or play as significant, and after that, they will not notice the difference existing between them both.

9. One trick to be in the appropriate place, in the proper time would be to know that they already are there.

10. One of the secrets to living the life they always dreamed about would be to begin living those dreams at once, but humbly. If they don’t have the chance to travel far, they can travel near. Or, if they don’t have the chance to dine out, they can go for a dessert. Also, if they don’t have the partner for the travel, they can be their own.

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