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Take These 4 Crystals To A First Date And Make It More Successful

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by Conscious Reminder

Usually, a first date may be quite stressful. We are not just trying to get more information about the person that we barely know and met for the first time, but we may also feel stressed about relationships and dates from our past which were not so well.

The interesting or not that interesting thing actually is that when we like a person more than usual, we are probably going to experience more anxiety on our first date. We may also find ourselves wishing we could skip that first date, and even the two others following after it, and come into a better-established relationship. However, this is not possible. But, there are several magical ways which can make our first date easier or even help us on our journey to falling in love.

What magical powers love crystals have?

Crystals are said to possess healing abilities, and they are also vibrating at a much higher level of energy than people do. Spending time with some specific crystal may affect people’s energetic vibration, and that vibration may then transform people’s worlds. We can attract things which are on the same vibration as we are. Changing that vibration means changing our world.

Every different crystal possesses different properties, and they may be useful in different aspects of life.

So, here are the four crystals meant for first dates, which have the properties that may help us get the result we wanted:


When we go on first dates, we want to feel clarity. We want to know how we feel about that person we spend time with and the experience too. We also want to have the ability to see red flags.

We can use the powerful purple amethyst crystal when we would like to tap into our psychic abilities or get some spiritual insights. Carrying just a small piece of this crystal with us on first dates make us tap into our intuition instead of getting confused in our head. We can even meditate with just a small piece of this crystal after dates.

Smoky quartz

The wish to let our past go and move toward our future will be another quality which may be helpful for us on first dates. One crystal which would help us in doing so is the smoky quartz.

The smoky quartz will teach us how we can leave everything behind, especially the things which don’t serve us any purpose anymore. Carrying just a small piece of this crystal on first dates symbolizes stopping every connection with our past, and feeling optimistic about a new love coming on our way. Smoky quartz relieves fear, so when we are nervous about first dates and what may come next, the crystal may help us calm down.


A first date is actually a new beginning. Moonstone, which is a crystal that comes in different colors such as cream, white, yellow, green and blue, is definitely the perfect one to facilitate such energies.

Just like the name implies, the moonstone is associated with the Moon, which means that if we are someone that is connected with the Moon, the moonstone is going to enhance our power when we do different types of activities, which include dating. Moreover, it can also strengthen our intuition which may help us get a much better perspective of how the first date goes.

Rose quartz

Those that are familiar with crystals probably know about the rose quartz and its ability to attract love and open their heart chakra. Also, it is the crystal which people prefer to utilize when they focus on newly found love, opposite to a better-established relationship.

So, wearing this crystal when we are dating someone may be the way we let our Universe know we are open to starting something new.

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