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7 Habits Of Empaths That Make Them Hard To Love

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by Conscious Reminder

An empath is a person that possesses strong sensitivity or acts with compassion and understanding towards other people.

Usually, an empath gets exhausted if he or she spends a lot of time among others, as they absorb the feelings of other people.

Even though an empath is blessed with a lot of positive traits and qualities, loving a person like him or like her can be harder than we have even thought it would be. The reason for that lies in the character of the empath.

These are the seven personal traits and qualities of an empath which make him or her difficult to love and show that love:

1. The need for being alone.

An empath has the need of being alone for some time, which means spending time in solitude. He or she would like to be alone for some time as they absorb other people’s feelings, which may exhaust them a lot.

When they are alone, they have the chance to relieve their emotional stress which they went through and even regain strength.

2. Not being able to say NO.

Well, the warm-heartedness of empaths will go to the point when they do not pay attention to the needs they have themselves. This means that they are always prepared to help other people even when there is a need for helping and supporting themselves. This may cause some problems for the wellbeing of these individuals.

As they are not able to sometimes say NO, they are going to make their relationship a difficult one. An empath cannot set the boundaries, so he or she may spend unneeded time or energy on people or situations which will probably not concern them at all.

3. Behaving like someone’s parent.

An empath believes that he or she is obligated to help, guide or heal other people. Because of that, he or she may behave as someone’s parent.

Loving their partners does not mean they have to act like their dad or mom. A successful relationship is the one which is based on mutually respecting, and understanding each other.

4. Falling for people who are hurt emotionally.

For an empath, to love means to help. Because of that, he or she tries to save others and usually starts loving someone that has some problems or needs to be supported emotionally. Usually, empaths start relationships with narcissists. Unluckily, such relationships often end sadly.

5. Being honest.

An empath is honest, and he or she always speaks the truth although they often try to do that without being quite harsh. Even though being honest belongs to the list of positive traits, usually, the truth can be painful or uncomfortable as they are supposed to manage their honesty.

6. Busy helping other people.

An empath is a different type of person. This is because he or she always helps or heals other people and they usually forget his or her own needs. Also, being really good to other people may be fatal when it comes to his or her personal life.

So, there will be times when the partner of an empath will start feeling neglected as empaths are constantly busy with the problems of other people.

7. Strong but also complicated love.

Empaths have intense, unique and sincere love. When an empath loves you, it means that you are appreciated and cherished. It also says that you have someone that will be there when you need him or her always.

But, an empath is sometimes hard to bear – he or she is too honest, give a lot, or are even too sensitive when it comes to the problems of others. This is what makes empaths hard to handle or be loved by people that don’t see this world with their eyes.

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