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Celebrate Love And Improve Your Attracting Potential With This Valentine’s Day Ritual

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by Conscious Reminder

The 14th of February is almost here. It is the famous Valentine’s Day – a day of love and the celebration of love. Like many of our festivals, Valentine’s Day also dates back to pagan origins.

In ancient times, it was referred to as the festival of Lupercalia, the she-wolf goddess who was called Lupa. It was a kind of purification and fertilization ritual. Although now it is more commercialized and has been made into something for companies to make a profit, it was not always so.

The ritual will make us more open to love during this time and attract our partner towards us. It is not only suitable for attracting partners, but it can also be used to attract things that you have always wanted in your life.


∼ Altar Decorations – Green or Pink in color. Use candles, dollar bills, etc
∼ Paper and Pen
∼ Honey (for vegans, ½ tbs of raw sugar would be fine)
∼ 2 sticks of cinnamon
∼ The petals of a red rose
∼ Bowl constructed of wood, ceramic, or glass
∼ Pot
∼ Two-three cups of clean water

What do you need to do?

1. First build a love altar. Make it on a desk or a small table. This will be your attraction space. Then, put anything on it that makes it pleasing to the eye – like crystals or flowers. If you want to attract money, then you can put money on it too. Try to use Pink or Green colors as they are the colors that represent the Heart Chakra.

2. Pick up a paper and write the traits that you want your lover to have. You can also write the attributes of the thing you want to attract during this period.

3. Take the pot and pour water in it until it is full. Now, put honey and the sticks of cinnamon in it and put it on the heat. Let it simmer for 10 minutes. Let the water cool down and then put the petals of rose in it.

4. Go to the shower, stand and pour this entire mixture upon your naked body. While you are doing so, try to recite the following mantra:

‘As I’m taking this bath, I’m opening myself to attractiveness. Now, the right kind of people will enter into my life as lovers or friends. They will support me in my endeavors and be with me when I need them the most. Money will flow towards me without any obstacle. I will have abundant money. After this bath, the right kind of opportunities will be coming my way. I will be whole and one with my well-being.’

5. Once you have completed the bath, it will get sticky so wash it off. But keep the rose petals and the cinnamon stick in the tub or the shower. It must stay there overnight. Once you come out, wear something pink or white in color.

6. The next morning, you can come back to the shower and then gather the cinnamon sticks and rose petals and throw them away. Keep your altar the same way for a week, but if you want, you can let it stay like that for more days.

7. For the entire week, keep reciting all your affirmations. Keep doing so until you remove your altar.

This ritual is a special one and it will make you open to all kinds of positive opportunities. Allow them to pass through you and be a part of you. Experience the power of love and attractiveness with this ritual and become whole again.

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