10 Fierce Reminders That Women Can Be Feminine And Still Be Strong AF

by Conscious Reminder

Usually, people define femininity as being submissive and weak. Some women, trying to appear capable and strong, entirely neglect the impractical and superficial feminine side-thinking.

Their views of power are also warped and misguided. There are some who think that only competing will make them powerful. Also, doing their job, having their body perfect, and having their home perfectly clean, is what actually warrants power and success.

However, the reality is that being feminine and powerful is about the shift in the person we are instead of what we do.

These are the ten reminders which say that women can be feminine and still be strong:

1. They are their own superheroes.

As one song says, they are independent women. They are able to do everything on their own and wear a killer pair of jeans while they are doing it.

2. They know what they want in their life.

Nothing will be more intimidating for other human beings than when they are in someone else’s presence, someone that knows what he or she wants in life or is not afraid to follow their dreams.

3. They cherish vulnerability and honesty.

These women are aware of the fact that it will take the correct balance of letting themselves be vulnerable and honest to this world in order to find their success. They need to be sincere with themselves about their weaknesses and strengths, and they also need to have the will to confront their weaknesses.

4. They feel good with intimacy.

Independent and strong women are not intimidated when they are intimate, both mentally and physically.

5. They are able to read other people.

Men can usually not understand that strong women are as strong as they know themselves inside and outside. Such a connection means that they are able to see the BS from far away. When a person or a thing does not really feel right, it will be because women know that it is not in the right line with what they expected in life.

6. They respect other people and want to be respected.

Resilient women will not respect themselves only, but they will want to be respected from others too. They are not going to do that by walking around with a chip standing on the shoulder, however; they are going to live their life just like they want to.

7. They are intense.

There are times when they are hot, while there are times they are cold. They love hard, play hard, live hard and work hard. Every single thing they do feels intense.

8. They know their worth.

Independent women do not need men in order to tell them that their life is quite worth, so that would be awesome. When they want someone in their life, they have to find someone strong who knows their worth.

9. They give things their all.

Everything is going to get 100% of their attention. So, this is how they have managed to come this far, or even found massive success in their lives. Strong women will not give up from challenges and are prepared to take every single thing with 100% of their being.

10. They encourage other people to be the best.

Strong women are able to get their job done. So, they are completely aware of the fact that they are definitely not perfect, so they work on improving their lives and the lives of other people every day.

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