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Twin Flame Dynamics: What It Feels Like For The TF Runner When They Decide To Run

by consciousreminder
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by Conscious Reminder

Twins experiences are unique experiences for every person just like twin flame couples are unique too.

The two twin flames will experience to be the runner and the chaser at the time of the journey. So, one of them is going to run for some time, while the other one is going to feel forced to chase.

After that, roles and energy shifts are basically going to reverse. This is going to occur so both of the twins will have the ability to experience every aspect of this journey to the union.

The chaser will run from his or her inner work which has to be performed, while the runner will run from the loss of all of his or her powers and to their relationship.

People have to feel at one with themselves. They have to be honest with themselves. Because they love themselves, they go out or even enjoy their peace and solitude.

They are going to give their frequencies out to this Universe, while the Universe is always going to go to reconnect them with their twin flame.

They should not obsess or desire something which is destined to be or happen. If the person is really their twin flame, they really have to love themselves and raise their frequencies.

This Universe will answer to frequencies and not words. It will also respond to the awareness of the unconditional love and to emotions. 

When they send out some pain, they are going to cause blockage in connection with their twin flame.

In fact, separation is only an illusion, so they should not think about escaping at all. They should think about surrender and acceptance of unconditional love, as this type of love accepts all the possibilities and awareness that they are going to be okay no matter what.

It is somehow painful, as it is not a walk in the park, of course. However, people have to be aware of the fact that it is just a phase like any other phases during the journey to the union.

Being perfect ascended soul beings, people know that their other half will reunite with them.

There is also going to come to a point when lonely chasers will not even be focused on their twin flames at all, then moving forward like bullets they chase them again.

Such reversal or energetic shift may be simply sped up without energetically chasing or without creating the needed chakra vibrations in the shared chakras.

It will be equally painful and stressful for the two of them unless the energies are able to find some balance. After that, it will be bliss, a pure one.

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