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Calling Upon These Angels Can Help You With Your Love Life Dilemmas

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by Conscious Reminder

February is the month of romance. While it is easy for most people to go out for a date and have a wonderful time with their lovers, not everybody enjoys this privilege. Highly Sensitive People or HSPs are very sensitive and they get affected by different vibes.

It is really difficult for them to adjust to life and so they require a bit of protection when it comes to romance. If they are broken from the inside, then they will take a lot of time recovering, or maybe, they will not recover at all.

So, it is quite natural that HSPs keep themselves away from casual dating and try to maintain an aloof state. But that doesn’t mean that they should not date, right? HSPs can take the assistance of various angels to help them in the process of dating.

These angels will protect them, make them find the right kind of love suitable for their sensitive side and help them find themselves too. Angels are always there to help us but we have to exercise our free will and actually call them for their help.

So, call on the right angels during this month, and you might find the love of your life – outside or within yourself.

Calling on the Angel Of Romance Or your Guardian Angel before you go for Dating

You have a guardian angel assigned to you for a reason. They know you much better than you know yourself and they can properly guide you down the best path. If you want the best partner or love life, start by setting a deep connection with your assigned guardian angel.

Call on to your guardian angel and ask for their guidance. Now, list all the characteristics that you want in your partner. The interests that you want them to have and what you expect from such a relationship. Now, request the Angels of Romance or your Guardian Angel to bring such a partner in your life by saying:

‘I thank you the Romance Angels or My Guardian Angel for bringing such a partner in my life who is (the characteristics you listed). I believe that you will bring my partner at the proper assigned time in your divine clock so that it is good for both of us. I thank you for all this. And so it is.’

Calling Archangel Michael when you are feeling jittery about the first date

Michael is the most famous of all archangels because he is loved the most too. He provides courage and protection. When you are feeling scared about your first date, then you need all the courage in the world.

Call on Michael and request him to come to you and protect you. Let him keep you protected and secured. Let his blue healing rays pour on you and soothe any kind of anxious feeling that is keeping you up at night.

Calling on Archangel Uriel so that you can be more confident and peaceful during the date

Uriel means the ‘Light of God’. His energy shines with a yellow color. The color yellow is the same color as our solar plexus chakra, which houses our emotions and our feelings.

So, when you are feeling less confident, then you need to get your emotions stabilized. So, Uriel is there to help you bring balance in your emotions.

Calling on Archangel Raphael To Trust Your Instincts

Your instincts help you a lot during a date and while you are choosing the right partner for your future. Call on the Archangel Raphael to strengthen your intuitive and psychic abilities.

Raphael also brings healing and abundance, so you get both when you call on him. He will keep you aware throughout the whole date.

Calling on Archangel Chamuel To Love Yourself And Recognize True Love

Self-love is important when it comes to dating. Chamuel pours her pink loving energy all over you and helps in the deepening of your love between someone special and you. It will take away any obstacles that are coming between you and your partner. It will also help you to love yourself too.

Angels are willing to help you this dating season, and as an HSP, you will require their help to keep yourself protected and loved. So, call on your necessary angel and get high on true love and romance!

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