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10 Things Alpha Women Do Differently From Other Females

by consciousreminder
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by Conscious Reminder

“An alpha female has the courage to be the best version of herself.”

This is a quote which is dedicated to all wild, and bad-ass alpha females existing in the world. Alpha females are those that don’t feel fear of being something less than the eccentric and alpha selves they are.

Alpha females are females who, regardless of the societal perceptions and rules of women, live their life brave, bodily, loud and to the fullest.  They pave their own way with their self-generated motivation and inspiration.

An alpha female is not different from other women as she is better than those women, but she is different when it comes to the way of approaching her life.

Here are the ten ways an alpha female does things differently, compared to other female figures:

1. Her top priority is to maximize enjoyment in life.

An alpha female will make the best out of different situations. She is a master when it comes to shipping her life into certain situations that are enjoyable for her. She firmly believes her life is something more about experiencing certain things, so this is the reason she loves to engage in new adventures and activities.

2. She is not shy, but assertive and open.

An alpha woman is often the first one to greet strangers or new employees or a stranger who she meets at the party her friend organized. An alpha woman never fears of speaking what is on her mind.

3. She has high levels of self-esteem, and she is confident.

This does not mean that she is obnoxious and full of herself, but it just means that she knows her worth. The confidence that alpha females have lies in that they know that they have certain imperfections and choose to embrace and love them anyway as imperfections are merely and perfectly imperfect too.

4. She never relies on other people to make her happy.

An alpha female will do what she has to do to feel fulfilled and happy, and she will never rely on other people to do something for her. She knows that she is the only one that can fulfill her desires, and this never changes in her relationships. She is independent, setting boundaries with the one she loves, and never permits him to overstep it.

5. She learns from her past, and she knows that she should not dwell on it.

In fact, another thing an alpha woman is excellent at is learning a lot from her past mistakes, and integrating those lessons in the now, remembering that her past is just her past. The past is good only for learning lessons from it, and for nothing else.

6. Setting boundaries and being very strict when it comes to maintaining herself.

An alpha woman will value herself, and hence, she will set boundaries. She is always vigilant and aware of being sure that there is no one that violates or oversteps her boundaries.

7. She is not afraid of removing toxic individuals out of her life or even releasing themselves of situations which dot server her.

She wants to make every single thing in life enjoyable. So, for all those that are toxic individuals and don’t serve any purpose different than negativity, she will not think twice about cutting them from her own life. She is also aware of the fact that staying at times when she doesn’t belong will be energetically draining for her.

8. She is not a drama queen.

An alpha female is not interested in drama stages, and she cannot stand when she is around other people who also entertain drama. Well, the drama is going to take up valuable energy and time which one can’t get back, so this is the reason she stays away from all that drama.

9. She realizes that her mind and body are an investment which is worth spending her time on.

An alpha female is always going to put in some effort and time on fitness, reading, healthy eating and so on. Everything which helps in strengthening her body and mind will be important. So, to have her body healthy means to have her mind healthy too.

10. She is always herself, to everyone she meets.

An alpha female is a consistent woman, regardless of who her partner is, he is going to get her always the same. One thing which irritates alpha females is that there are people who are not really consistent with the person they are; they usually change the personality, which depends on the person they interact with.

They are not the type of individuals that alpha females will hang around as ultimately, they are the company they keep.

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