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Old Souls Love Differently

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by Conscious Reminder

An old soul tends to spend most of her or his time alone, so many people constantly misunderstand them. An old soul will express her or his love differently when talking about relationships and love, and here is how.

Old souls are simply people who are mature beyond the exact numbers of years they have because they relate to what was said to be ordinary by society.

Sometimes, it is hard for them to connect with people that are their age because they have their level of consciousness and understanding far more developed than one of their counterparts.

That is why an old soul usually enjoys solitude, and his or her relationship is entirely different than of ‘normal’ people.

Here is the list which will help you understand all this better:


An old soul enjoys tranquility and peace, no matter of the circumstances. As a result of this, his or her home is often quite a peaceful place, and they simply enjoy when they spend time with the ones they love because it is more than only home for them, it is a sanctuary and personal church too.


An old soul is not often impressed by and interested in materialistic things. If you want to buy him or her some gift, you can put your mind and heart into that gift instead of your wallet. Sending them meaningful letters written from your heart will mean more than some costly and meaningless gift.


An old soul likes to maintain communication strong in order to avoid some unnecessary drama or ensure that both the sides feel free and happy.


An old soul is not someone for one night only. He or she prefers spiritual connection that only a physical one and may develop attachments which are rooted in love, friendship, and loyalty easier than other people.


An old soul will comprehend that fairness is actually a two-way street and he or she will prefer peace instead of being right. So, they are always going to be interested in compromise unless it is an extreme case.


Old souls understand that people’s creativity is considered as one of probably the best human qualities, and when they are giving the gift to other people, it will be an indication of love and great friendship. As such, an old soul is always going to find the way of investing in his or her creative potential, when it comes to expressing appreciation and love for others.


An old soul is exceptionally observant and intuitive. When something is not okay, he or she is going to have the ability to feel it, asking you what you have on mind. You are not supposed to hide the feelings or pretend, but share them, so you can together realize the issue and keep going.


An old soul can sometimes be pessimistic, but he or she prefers to see the things just like they are, instead of how a lot of people want them to be, as they are aware of the fact that one way of making progress will recognize the solution, so they can take some action in order to make the needed changes and even achieve what they desired.


An old soul will love you deeply, and he or she will enjoy your company; however, they tend to value independence or time spent in solitude. So, remember to respect this, without taking it too personally.

Hard but also worth it

Sometimes, being with a person who is an old soul can be hard; however, the intensity and power of your love, the understanding between you and being able to think outside of the box, is going to make it everything worth it.

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