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Pisces Season 2019: The Piscean Energy Will Take You Into A Whole New World

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by Conscious Reminder

The Sun will be moving to the last sign of the Zodiac this 18th – 19th February. The Pisces sign, is the last of the 12 Zodiac signs, and it is shown as two fish swimming in the opposite direction.

It is a water sign but these fish symbolize the duality present in our life. The Piscean energy encapsulates both dark and light energy within us.


The Sun has gone past all the other 11 signs. We have been through a lot these days – we have gained someone and lost someone else, we have cried and we have been happy – every event has made us a bit wiser and a bit emotional.

Pisces brings all of it to completion. It brings closure to all the issues that we have, and makes us more wholesome than before. It helps us to reflect on our lives in the past and to engage with it in a better way. We can learn a lot from the past but we can’t live the present by staying behind in the past.

Whatever we have done in the past, will come to us in kind. If we had worked hard for something, it is during this period that the fruits of the hard work will come down to us. We will look back and find peace with our past and we will be proud that we were able to travel so far in our lives.

However, we should not be only focused on the past. As the Piscean energy suggest a closure, it also brings us to a new path and we must walk on it too. We must infuse the energy of Pisces with us and enter into the rhythm of our life.

Feeling the Energy

Feel the ripples of the energy that is forming around you. Pisces lets your mind wander, so now, you can listen to the music of the universe. Release your thoughts into the cosmos and see how it vibrates all around you.

The universe is colored by all of our thoughts, so, now it’s the time to add your own color and shape the reality that you want it to be like. Just align yourself with the vibration levels and be one with it.

Don’t try to control everything. Surrender yourself to the energy, to the music of the universe and let it dissolve you. When you try to control everything, you will see that your mind is always occupied with some kind of plan, some thought.

But the Piscean energy wants your mind to be light – to be light enough to wander easily and go on a spontaneous journey. We need to silence our mind and let the creative energies flow. Remember with creativity, everything will become possible.

Invite Life And Its Challenges

If we allow the Piscean energy to flow through us then we can find a new zone which will comfort us and bring harmony into our lives. Yes, life has been challenging and it will be challenging even now.

But it is for us to keep calm, be one with our inner energy and face the challenges as it comes. We don’t have to struggle but accept the challenge and deal with it calmly.

The best way to do it is by making our vibration level go higher. Thank life for challenging every step of the way, because that is just helping you grow and move towards the light.

When you are swimming, you will enter the light area and dark areas and that’s how it goes. Sometimes, you might want to keep in the light areas and fight against the stronger currents but that will just exhaust you. Rather, sometimes, lie on your back and let the current take you wherever it needs to take you.

Trust the Piscean energy. It will take you somewhere new and while it might be challenging, there will be light spaces in between. So, don’t worry. Enjoy the novelty.

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