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Perform This Ritual On Virgo Full Moon To Increase The Energy

by consciousreminder
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by Conscious Reminder

The Virgo Full Moon is going to take place on the 19th of February. It is one of the closest positions of the Moon to the Earth. The Moon causes the tides to happen, but inside us, the Full Moon takes control of our emotions.

There is a bit of restlessness within us and it can take our emotions on a rocky ride. With so much energy utilized in bringing our emotions in control, we will feel a bit of exhaustion coming our way. But now that the Moon is close to us, we can try drawing on its energy and bring equilibrium into our lives.

After all, it combines with the logical Virgo. Perform this ritual to use the Full power of the moon in your favor. It is best if this ritual should be done from the 18th February to the 4th March, 2019.


-Your choice of Smudging Tool
-A candle
-A sheet of black paper
-A large bowl full of water
-A glass of drinking water

1. Start the ritual by smudging the surroundings and your own aura. First smudge your aura and then go for the surrounding. As you do it, try to recite this mantra:

“I cleanse myself of my problems. My heart is clean and pure. My burdens will no longer control me. I’m light. I am becoming one with the light. I feel restored. This light shines from me and heart and it follows me wherever I am going. I am the beacon of this light, for my own self, and for the world around me.”

While performing the smudging of your surroundings, try to say this:

“Now my space has become safe, now it has become clean. Only light and love can enter this space.”

2. Have all your ritual items arranged before you. Ignite the candle. Meditate for ten minutes. Concentrate on your breathe and calm your mind.

3. Now, take the sheet of black paper and keep it against your belly. Black absorbs everything and likewise, it will absorb all your negativity. It will be the conduit of your release.

4. As you hold the black paper against your belly, recite this mantra:

“Black Paper, please take away my problems and my weakness. Absorb everything from my stomach and free me from anxiety and pain.”

Now, breathe in and exhale deeply as if you are breathing out all the energy out of your stomach into the air.

5.  Shake to make sure that you rattle all the energy built inside you and take the black paper above on your heart center. Then, recite:

“Black Paper, please release me of my heartaches and my worries. Absorb everything from within my heart and release my blockages so that I can be free again. Make me open to all kinds of experiences.”

Breathe in and then exhale out deeply so that you can feel that your energy is escaping from your heart into the air.

6. Shake your limbs, especially the hands and then shift the black paper to your third eye i.e. the forehead. Recite:

“Black Paper, please release all the blocks that prevent me from understanding the actual truth. Absorb everything from my third eye and release my fears and apprehensions that make me distrust my intuitive energy.”

Breathe in and then exhale out deeply so that you can feel that your energy is escaping from your third eye.

7. Now get up and shake a little. Then, fold the black paper three times and submerge it in the bowl of water completely.

8. Keep the paper down in the water by pressing it with your finger and then, recite:

“My blocks, my pains, and my anxiety are all released by this Moonlight. They are erased and completely altered. I am freed. I am now protected. Now, I can be myself. The black paper has absorbed all of it and the bowl of water has healed all of it. It is done.”

Inhale and exhale three deep breaths as you press the paper down and feel that you are doing some work as you hold it down.

9. Now pick up the glass of drinking water and keep it tightly held between both of your hands. Think of the things that you want in your life like forgiveness or love. Now, while the glass is in your hand, recite:

“I put all the loving energy and light into this water. Each sip that I will take of it will give me the ability to think purely. I want this drinking water to help me create (say what you wish) and the strength to manifest (say what you wish). I wish that this water brings me (say what you wish). With each sip, I wish to be more of myself.”

10. Start drinking the water but keep the last sip in the glass. This is for the Earth, give it as an offering to the Moon or the universe. Pour it in the ocean or the garden and say thank you while doing so.

11. Blow out the candle after the ritual is done and throw out water and the black paper immediately. If you feel too sensitive, then start my smudging your aura again. Recite: “I’m safe, I’m feeling loved and light again.”

Perform this ritual and have an amazing Super Moon.

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