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The Heart Center Connection Of Twin Flames

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by Conscious Reminder

The heart center of twin flames connects telepathically and energetically. They are able to receive certain messages with their love, and also reassurances that the two of them are linked and come together.

Even though it isn’t a physical sound or voice, that energetic feeling or sense of simply knowing the other half of their twin flame is next to them too.

They have to find each other’s balance first so that they can find their real and unique self.

There will be a lot of unresolved problems, and old wounds from their past which need healings. Both of them have to be released, in order to accept each other.

When they meet for the first time, a trigger happens, so their emotions get amplified to a higher level. This means that they can feel their love in the 5D, and there are also some unresolved problems which look like coming out on the surface.

However, twins are not supposed to feel suffering and pain. But, on the basis of what they experienced through their lives or before they met.

They have to work and take care of themselves so that the sacred union to occur. The emotional energies of twin flames have to open up and accelerate the heart centers of each other. 

When they finally open their hearts, they have to learn how to love and accept themselves, and after that, they are going to have the ability to submit the two spirits as only one.

When they come into the Divine union or feel a complete bliss, it will be the highest love energy.

In fact, twin flames will be able to go to such lows and highs for a lot of years before finally getting their things balanced.

Oftentimes, there is a phase of separation which occurs before the two of them can even realize the mistakes they made.

Most of the time, their ego will be their biggest challenge, so they have to remove it, so they can be able to see and understand their inside truth.

Actually, this will be the principle reason why twin flames pass through the phase of separation, which usually refers to the stages of Runner and Chaser.

To have the ability to learn and heal themselves, they will have to be in solitude sometimes, so they can relate to the inner strength and even open their hearts.

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