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An Easy Ritual To Practice During The Days Around The Snow Supermoon In Virgo

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by Conscious Reminder

Today, the 19th of February, 2019, we are going to witness another beautiful Full Moon, falling in the sign of Virgo, and which will already give us a bit of spring fever.

So, we can channel those cleansing energies of the purist of Zodiac with the earth-conscious ritual for this Full Moon.

Being a grounded and earth sign, the tender sign of Virgo is best known for its purity and innocence – just like the small shoots of the early spring which appear on the surface, reminding us that life has to continue.

Diet based on plants for a few days if it seems right to you.

The Full Moon or also called Snow Moon happening in the sign of Virgo is going to give us the chance to establish a connection with the real source of our sustenance: some plants which emit oxygen with the process of photosynthesis, and which give us the chance to breathe.

In fact, plants give life force energies to our bodies, and even vitamins when we ingest them. When celebrating what is helping us thrive, we should devote our day to plant-based and vegetarian diet.

We should be thankful for every green which grows and nourishes us and our bodies, and even sometimes becomes our own medicine.

The sign of Virgo is not just a sign which is caring, but it is the ruler of our pets too. We have to use the day in order to give love to our pets or to every other animal on this planet, as we will keep them in our heart, instead of on our plate.

However, this does not mean that we condemn carnivores, because not every person in the world can be a vegetarian.

During this day, we should stay away from salmon and burgers, and pay more attention to those animals which shared their own lives in order to nurture us. We can make some delicious recipes based on plants into our meal plan.

We can find millions of ideas online. We can even try a soup or juice-cleanse, and we can incorporate a smoothie packed with fruits and vegetables into our day. 

Here are some other ideas for this Full Moon:

  • We can make an elixir from flower essence. We should put about six or seven drops of the flower essence, such as Bach line, found at a lot of natural food grocers, into an 8-oz glass of water, just three times during the day. We should do this for two weeks, so we can notice if some area of our life transforms.
  • Book an appointment or a massage with some practitioner.
  • Clean our home, starting with the room which will need the most cleaning.
  • Delete unnecessary mail from our inbox, or organize our messages into folders.
  • Organize and nerd out our record collection or bookshelves. We can even donate some older books which we don’t need anymore to a small library, or we can even build our own.

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