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Find Out If You And Your Potential Partner Are Numerologically Compatible

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by Conscious Reminder

Numerology is said to be a potent tool which every person can use in order to help them navigate their life path.

In fact, one of the ways in which we may utilize numerology would be in the judging the compatibility between some prospective partners. This can be done by utilizing our life path number.

When we compare this number with the prospective number of our partner, we may have a pretty clear idea of the compatibility existing between us.

How to find our life path number?

This number is just like our astrological sign. We can derive it from our birth date, so it will help us by guiding us through our life journey.

Here are the steps for calculating our life path number:

We should write out our birth date in a number format. For instance, we are going to use April 26, 1989, which we are going to write in the following form: 26/04/1989, or 04/26/1989, which depends on the living place.

We should take our day of birth and make it one single digit, which can be done if we add the two digits together, such as 2+6=8. We should repeat this with our birth month, which means we should reduce 04 in this way: 0+4=4.

After that, we should reduce the year, 1989, which will become 1+9+8+9=27. However, we will have to reduce it to only one digit, which means we will repeat the process: 2+7=9.

In the end, we should add these reduced numbers together: 8+4+9=21, and we will reduce 21 to 2+1=3. So, the number which remains is our life path number, and that is number 3.

Compatibility: the best matches depending on the life path number.

When we know our life path number, it will allow us to see if we are actually compatible with our prospective partner; however, it will even help us see the other such numbers which will be the best for us are.

1 matches with 3 and 5.

The people who have this life path number match the best with those who have the life path 3 and 5. 

The compatibility with 3 is quite good as 1 stands for the drive, ambition, and leadership, which complements by the innovation and creativity of 3. And, the second compatibility is because these two numbers hold independence and freedom as quite remarkable.

2 matches with 2, 4 and 8.

The compatibility between 2 and 2 is as their peaceful, emotional, and diplomatic nature actually complements one another.

Also, this number is compatible with 4 as of the practical provider tendencies of this number, working perfectly together with the emotional and sensitive 2. For this identical reason, 2 is compatible with 8, which is more focused on achievements and money.

3 matches with 1 and 5.

We mentioned that 3 and 1 make a good match, but 3 is also compatible with 5, and the reason for that is as the two of them prefer living on the edge, which means that such relationships may be quite exciting.

4 matches with 2 and 8.

The number 4 is compatible with 2 and with 8 as well. This number is naturally hard-working and analytical, which actually works quite well 8’s gearing towards success and achievements. Such pairings are said to be power couples.

5 matches with 1, 3 and 7.

The compatibility which exists between 5 and 7 is especially strong because their needs are usually almost the same.

The reason for this is as 7 prefers to be alone, and that lets the energy of 5 to concentrate on life, without being worried about the necessities of the partner.

6 matches with 6 and 9.

Life path number 6 works well with another 6, as they share some nurturing qualities which permit them to trust each other and grow mutually.

Such relationships are best known for longevity. The 6 also works well with 9, the one that possesses nurturing qualities too. Although some obstacles may exist between them, they use their willingness and sacrifice for one another.

7 matches with 5 and 7.

We already talked about the compatibility of 5 and 7. However, the life path number 7 matches excellently with another 7.

They are soulmates that understand one another completely. Although they are isolated continuously, they usually realize that being alone but together with one another is much better.

8 matches with 2, 4 and 8.

Besides being compatible with 4 and 2, they are with one another. This can be quite controversial because a lot of people believe that 8s usually start competing with one another.

But, when they join their forces or direct the competitive nature of one another into their shared pursuit, the top will be theirs.

9 matches with 6 and 9.

We already mentioned the compatibility with 6, but we have to mention that 9 is compatible with another 9. Their compatibility is so strong that the strongest and best relationships between such equals usually happen between 9s.

The selfless nature combined with the intense commitment and loyalty means that such relationships often last forever.

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