I Love Hugs That Take My Sadness Away And Heal My Soul

by Conscious Reminder

I love hugs that even though they won’t necessarily solve my problems, they make me understand them and finally realize that I won’t easily give up.

I love the hugs that put my broken pieces together, take away loneliness and bring joy.

When an embrace is strong and tight, often, it feels as if it will break you, when in reality, it only puts you together. these are the hugs that form special bonds and create harmony; these are the hugs that stop the time …

There are those who don’t like hugs or say they don’t need them, but let’s be honest, we all need someone to hold us tight at some point.

There are many types of hugs; as many as there are people, situations and connections, but each one carries a different meaning and sends a different message.

A Hug that heals

“Each time we embrace someone warmly, we gain an extra day of life.”― Paulo Coelho, Aleph

Many times, an embrace is the best therapy because it can help us feel stronger and carry on. An embrace is the fastest way to communicate with the people we love as it says much more than words do.

When two bodies come together in a hug, it makes us happy, calm and relaxed. Feeling loved and able to appreciate the peace that the warmth of an embrace gives us, we further strengthen our self-esteem.

In fact, embraces allow us to cope with pain a bit more easily, to let others understand how we feel and allow ourselves to show our love and support.

A small hug can dry many tears, a small word full of love can fill us with happiness and a small smile can change the world.

Sometimes, hugs are just physical, a contact of two bodies, quick and easy. In other cases, hugs are full of emotions, capable of making us feel indescribable emotions.

Then there are the hugs of souls, filled with the purest and best intentions … through these embraces we realize that peace is free and accessible, because listening to what others have to say completes us and allows us to give without thinking what we know will come back to us.

Embracing life is the best thing we can do for our emotional well-being and for the well-beingt of those around us. This is because embraces don’t need words to express something.

Have you ever embraced yourself? Have you ever felt the warmth? Have you relieved your own grief? Have you praised yourself for what you have achieved? The warmth of your intimate and personal embrace is the key to maintaining a permanent state of well-being.

In this way, we work on the art of love; we remove the walls we have lifted around us and melt the ice in order to go back to our authentic selves.

Hugging ourselves means opening up to ourselves so that we can connect with our inner self and move forward. For the touch of our soul connects our inner self and our external image.

If you embrace yourself, you love yourself. If you like yourself, you know yourself. And if you meet yourself, you build yourself. Because taking us into our hands releases our emotions and allows us to get closer to a good life.

Embrace the song written on the skin that protects us from false love, dependence, idealization, and everything that weakens and impoverishes us, preserving the values and goodness that resides inside each and every one of us.

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