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Please, Be Strong Enough To Walk Away

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Here’s who you really are: you are a person who loves.

You, with those eyes that see only the good in this world, and hands that bless others; with a smile that illuminates the streets and a heart with the ability to melt icebergs.

You know how to love, because you’ve always done it, without expecting anything in return.

When you are in a relationship, you open up, you let people in, you give yourself completely – sometimes to the point of self-destruction. Sometimes for those who don’t deserve it.

Unfortunately, a person with such a great heart can end up empty-handed. Just because you love people, it doesn’t mean you can change them.

Sometimes you go into a relationship that eventually breaks your heart. You love the people who betray you, they cause you pain, they underestimate you. Sometimes they ignore you and it feels terribly unpleasant.

Because you love them so much, you deserve to be loved back.

If you are in relationship with someone who causes you pain – physical or emotional, who doesn’t treat you with love and respect, or doesn’t appreciate you: then, please, find the necessary strength in you to walk away.

You deserve better. You are worthy of respect.

You are a true experience.

You are a person who deserves to see a happy smile next to you when you wake up; you deserve someone to think of you all day long, and not just when they are bored.

You are not a backup plan, nor a convenience. You are a person with dignity. And if they do not relate to you, you have to be strong enough to go.

Relationships are never easy. There is a constant change in thoughts and actions. But in the end, they need to fulfill your life with joy, not to take the joy away from you.

You have to be with those who will make you fall in love with life and yourself.

If you love someone who does the opposite, you should let them go. You need to let go of their smell, their touch, the way the kiss and smile…

Because if all this stands in the shadow of more serious and painful things, then no matter how much you laugh and smile – you will still end up with a broken heart.

You need to find strength to carry on, to value, respect and value yourself and know that somewhere out there, there is someone who will treat you the way you deserve to be treated.

Sometimes your love alone is not enough, you can not fix a person, and harmonize relationships alone. And that’s not your fault.

Have the strength to see the reality, to realize you deserve more, because you can give a lot to the person you love.

Know you’ve done everything to save your relationships. And now it’s time to save yourself.

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