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Numerology Of Zero (0): The Power Of The Chameleon

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by Conscious Reminder

There are nine numbers that have a single digit, from 1 to 9, and each of them has some specific and easy recognizable attributes.

However, the 0 is without attributes, and without character traits. It is an empty page, yet, a twisted one. So, the zero or 0 is the multiplier, the chameleon, great enhancer, and gateway to immortality and infinity.

When we find it in the numerology chart, almost always it appears as a result of deductions, because, after all, there is no possibility to add two different numbers and come to zero.

And, every time different numbers get deducted, it is one to find some weakness, missing link, or a shortcoming. Then, this number takes the attributes which belong to the nine: compassion, global awareness, tolerance, sacrifice, and love.

This number is able to enhance and fine-tune the qualities that other numbers have. The number 10 will become a higher octave 1, while the 20 will raise the qualities that the number 2 has, and so on.

Everything is quite mundane. However, it gets even more fascinating when we pull the 0 out of numerology charts, so that we can observe it from another perspective.

Nothing versus something

For a long time, there were some disagreements among people, some of them saying that everything began from nothing, while others believe that there was actually something at the start. Most of the people chose their side early in their lives, but others just cannot make up their minds.

There are also those who believe that both of the sides are true and that both of the sides are not true too. For example, zero is actually something, while that something from which everything originates is nothing.

The most significant numerical development is about how zero and one are applied as being the basis of everything digital. Here, there is a beautiful symbolism. Without any doubt, it is the time meant for exponential growth, and when we want to find the answers for every single thing, just these two numbers really matter.

Here is a question: Can one exist if the zero does not, and opposite? Well, the answer is no for sure. When we remove the 1 or the 0, this digital age will disappear.

This is the same as consciousness existing without unconsciousness, immortality existing without mortality, or life existing without death. This is quite tricky.

It leads us to the last question: Could there be nothing at the beginning of everything without there being something? Or is there the possibility to have something without having nothing?

You could answer these questions as you want. Your answer can be the product of your mind, which can be subsequently rejected or accepted by your mind.

The entire brain power existing in this world cannot produce the needed answer as it is not present in this world of ones and zeros, or another number.

It is never going to exist. The answer to this question cannot be thought, spoken, expressed, judged, or also touched and imagined.

But, we can look around us, and observe everything that happens. We can let the strangers’ generosity or the soldier’s bravery to touch us. We should not judge anything. We can simply let it occur, which will always feel good.

When we feel quite good, “IT” would also feel good, so whether the origin of everything was nothing, and vice versa, will not be important anymore. Whether the “IT” is nothing or something, it will not make a huge difference.

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